Kenya Yetu. Katiba Yetu. Maisha Yetu.

Today, history was made at the Freedom Corner of Uhuru Park as Kenyans gathered to launch the “Kenya Ni Yetu” Campaign. Kenyans gathered in their numbers to strategize and discuss the peaceful revolution that needs to happen in order for the country to experience the change we so deserve. This is the first in what will be a nationwide movement to implement the constitution we fought for that our leaders refuse to implement for us.

What makes this movement so powerful is that it is propelled by the people – each and every one of us – fueled by our concerns and visions, and effected by our hands and voices. “Kenya Ni Yetu” is not a Civil Society Initiative; it’s a unifying vehicle for change. Because when we as individuals, companies, NGO’s, personalities and all set aside our divisions and speak as WE as Kenyans, we have a louder voice and WE will be heard so that WE can make a change.

I’m a skeptic by skeptic’s standards but I believe in the power of the people. I also believe that things go wrong when that power is taken away from the people.

We as Kenyans are the reason there is a new constitution but those in power are the reason it’s not being implemented as it should. If there ever was a time for us to do something and salvage the decades of blood, sweat and tears poured into the change represented by this constitution, the time is now.

For more info on the campaign, read the official statements below. Direct all inquiries to the contact at the end.


WE shall mobilise against impunity
WE shall fight against corruption
WE shall oppose leaders of confusion
WE shall resist land grabbers directly
WE are ready to face those who divide us along ethnic lines
WE are ready to directly organise against those who undermine the Constitution
WE shall organise together with the youth to take back Kenya

TUTAPINGANA na hali ya kutoadhibiwa kwa maovu.
TUTAPIGANA na ufisadi
TUTAPINGA viongozi wenye kupotosha
TUTAPINGANA moja kwa moja na wanyakuzi wa ardhi
TUKO tayari kupambana na wale wanaotutenganisha kiukabila
TUKO tayari kuungana dhidi ya wanaopuuza Katiba
TUTAUNGANA pamoja na vijana kuikomboa Kenya
TUTAPINGA mazoea ya madharau; na pahali pake heshima, mmoja kwa mwingine.



Twitter: #katibayetu

10 thoughts on “Kenya Yetu. Katiba Yetu. Maisha Yetu.

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  2. Dear Diasporadical,

    How can we Kenyans in the diaspora, join hands with this noble initiative and render our services where appropriate?

  3. Halleluyahhhhhh. I couldnt be happier we have to start someone and i hope this keeps going so we can change the face of impunity and leaders holding the country hostage

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  6. Kenya should not withdraw from the Rome statute (ICC). The rights of all Kenyans must be protected at all time by all means.

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