Premier League Teams – Hit or Miss?

Now that we’ve had some time to digest this past week’s action-packed EPL encounters, I figured this is a good time to share my thoughts with you on some of the key teams:

Manchester City:

After many months of speculation as to whether he would join Chelsea, Madrid, Juventus or Manchester United, City finally have landed their man Edin Dzeko who they have been pursuing for quite some time.

Initially expected to cost £50m he came quite fairly priced at £27m, he now joins Carlos Tevez and Super Mario in sharpening City’s forward line. After watching City rely too much on Tevez the whole season, it is hoped that he will be the major determinant whether or not City can win the EPL and Qualify for the Champions league. His arrival clearly hastens the departures of Adebayor, Santa Cruz and Jo. This is a very good purchase made by Mancini if not the best that we have seen since his arrival.

Verdict: Hit or Miss? Big if not super hit.


Last week saw the departure of Roy Hodgson from Liverpool. We are made to believe that he quit by mutual consent, but anyone could have seen it coming. Everything seemed to be going wrong for Roy ever since he took over at “Looserpool” (hehehe…)

The coach is blamed for letting top players leave and replaced them with mediocre ones. How do you let Javier Mascherano leave and bring in players such as Joe Cole and company and expect to fight for honors with such a team? On Sunday, they played United and lost again. What a way to welcome Daglish back to Liverpool.

Verdict:  A top 5 finish is not realistic, or playing in the Champions league next season for that matter. The most realistic outcome for them would be to try and qualify for the Europa league.


What in flaming hell is going on at Chelsea? This is a question many people have asked me over and over, and unfortunately each time I have no answer. A while back ago, we all watched the Blues demolish some team and I paused and asked myself: Could this be the year of the treble? Clearly, NOT. For some reason Chelsea seemed to be dropping some very easy points in every game and within no time they went from being number 1 to number 5. Chelsea fans must’ve been very hesitant to watch Sunday’s game against Ipswich. I for one expected the worst especially after losing to Wolves previously. Thankfully they hammered Wolves bad, Carlo Anceloti is man under siege, last season management let go of some decent players, people like Ballack, Deco and Carvalio were let go and were replaced by players who have not realized their full potential. Is it realistic to compare Ramirez to Ballack, or Sturidge and Kakuta to Deco? NO!

Many of the Chelsea players such as the once feared Drogba, Anelka, Lampard, Ashley Cole are on the wrong side of 30, we can’t expect them to keep up with playing in the Champions league, EPL and other fringe tournaments that are there in England without them getting tired and burnt out. A major overhaul is required next season, if things are to change.

Verdict: Currently placed fifth in the EPL, in danger of losing out on the Champions league next season. Major if not massive over haul needed.

One thought on “Premier League Teams – Hit or Miss?

  1. Er, I hope an analysis of Man United, Arsenal and Tottenham is done.

    I think the United will win this league, followed by Arsenal, Chelsea, Man City and Tottenham in that order, but yet again, three months is a long time……time for a team to move from being five points clear to nine points adrift having played a game more.

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