The Ocampo 6 Are Getting 4.76 Billion Kshs For…What?

Ocampo 6
If you weren’t jealous to hear how plush their detention at retreat the Hague was going to be, a new reason to envy the crooks Ocampo identified as the orchestrators of the Post Election Violence has emerged. These guys are apparently slotted to get 4.76 BILLION of our shillings to foot their expenses.

So, they get to go on what essentially seems like an overpriced vacation after puppeteering a genocide…and they complain about it and ask to stay home instead. One has to wonder what exactly it is that is keeping them here. If they are innocent, then they should go; heck, call me a murderer any day of the week if you’re paying me for it. Or is it that they have a lot more money in play here and are also probably guilty.

Well, the issue is being tabled this morning before cabinet, let’s see what those geniuses churn out.

3 thoughts on “The Ocampo 6 Are Getting 4.76 Billion Kshs For…What?

  1. You have got to be !@#$%^& kidding me right!!! Ok how much more before people go out in the streets and protest this madness!!!!! They should have been given leave since they are under investigation and a paycheck as usual but thats all we are supposed to contribute plus a runway at JKIA to ensure they get going. We have become too compliant with all the nonsense going on in this country toooo compliant and it is our downfall. Hello 150k at brink of starving in some part of the country..IDPs…

  2. The Kenyan government is a joke and an utter failure. They only cater to and protect select individuals rather than wananchi. They are what is known as a kleptocracy, certainly not a republic.

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