Daily Dozen 13/01

How To Fund The Ocampo 6 in 2011 [YMT]
I’m tired of these men. Martha Karua for President 2012 [Tamaku]
Is the Kenyan Cabinet the institution most in need of a purge? [Mzalendo]
If you can write, a cool one million shillings could be yours [KB]
Sustaining African Impunity [KenOpalo]
Shockingly, we’re finding it hard to get behind the “Just Stage a Coup, Man!” plan for Cote d’Ivoire [WR]
Sudan Vote Crosses Threshold [WSJ]
Recalling The Earthquake That Made Haiti Stand Still [BLK]
One of Africa’s most corrupt countries produces Top International Central Bank Governor of the Year, irony? [BBC]
Is Facebook Really Worth $50 Billion? [Economist]
Tweet of the Day, so far. [Shameless Plug]
“We sing, we dance, we steal things.” [Your Wifey’s Favourite Blogger]

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