Is Chelsea Back On Track?

Drogba Celebrates the 1st of 4 Chelsea Goals against Bolton

After Ray Wilkins got unexpectedly booted from being the cornerstone and unofficial mascot for The Pride of London, the club’s performance dwindled dramatically. The 3 strikers all seemed to gain 10 years in age and 10 tons in weight, the midfield was a lethargic mess and the boys in the back were just flat out depressing. The Blues had lost their steam.

They spent close to a month and a half drawing and losing – mostly losing – and after being reamed royally by their fellow Londoners and then bested by the relatively useless Wolves, they finally woke up.

The Ipswich Town 7-0 thrashing seemed a little wanting for celebration. It began to gain validity after the same little team from a littler town beat Arsenal in their Carling Cup fixture. Then they went and hammered 2 goals, conceding none, against the Rovers and the skeptics still maintained smug indifference and arched eyebrows. I admit, I too was uncertain – in my super-fandom and all.

But this changed after seeing the whipping the Wanderers received tonight.

Four nil, with a few very near additions(including that last minute thump by Anelka), it almost feels like they’ve gotten back into their lane.

Chelsea FC

It may be argued they haven’t won any major games, but they’re not losing games they should be winning; au contraire, they’re kicking ass and taking names. With 15 games left to go, 2 of which are against current top-seated Manchester United, they’re going to need a lot of momentum – and even more luck – to hold on to that trophy.

Manchester City is starting on a downward spiral that may just see them exit the top 4 soon and while Arsenal have been playing really well, they’re slowly slacking on execution. Their 3-0 victory looks good on the surface, but that came with 26 other missed shots on goal and a failed penalty. The gunners get a chance to redeem themselves at Ipswich tonight as Man U also get a chance to push their lead into the double digits – maintaining their favored reign on top of the charts. Chelsea’s chances at this point, seem anorexic – slim at best.

While it’s still questionable whether or not they have a chance at winning anything this season; it’s clear they have found a second wind. Let’s hope they don’t lose that.

4 thoughts on “Is Chelsea Back On Track?

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  2. As a Chelsea fan it’s tricky to say that they are back on track. Bolton was an easy 3 points this coupled by a fine display from the “man of the match” in my opinion Drogba. They currently sit fourth behind Man United, Arsenal, and City. They are yet to play Liverpool again, Man United both home and away, Tottenham and City. For them to get all 15 points out of 5 games is going to be very tricky if not hard. As the season comes to an end in May, a massive over haul is needed many of the players are on the wrong side of 30, it may be the time to seek some replacements for people like Drogba, Anelka, Lampard and Terry.

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