Daily Dozen: 09/02

Hey Esther Murugi, here’s another controversial HIV strategy you can look at. [NYT]
To Fight Poverty, Invest in Girls [TIME]
Zuma asks his people for feedback ahead of State of Nation Address from Twiitter and Facebook [M&G]
Taylor’s lawyer storms out of war crimes court [Reuters]
South Sudan On Track To Become Africa’s 54th and the World’s Newest Nation [HuffPost]
VP says State spent ‘moderate’ Sh31m in shuttle diplomacy [EAS]
I’m in 2012 race to win, Raila dares rivals [DN]
Laurent Gbagbo Fails to Make TIME’s list of Top 10 Autocrats in Trouble [TIME]
Rape flourishes in rubble of Haitian earthquake [LAT]
Stop tribalism and work together for a better Kenya [JYK]
How the Internet gets inside us [NewYorker]
Defending “Serial Killer” [KenyanJurist]

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