Daily Dozen: 22/02

Using Facebook for activism is fraught with risks [BL]
Birth Control for Men? 3 Promising Advances [AlterNet]
All Hail Our Dictators and Tyrants [Your Blogger’s Favourite Blogger]
Libya, Libya, Libya! [Reuters]
Egypt and Tunisia How To’s Overthrowing your Government [NYT]
Omar al-Bashir not running for reelection. Wave of revolution scaring him off? [BBC]
Why is the Middle East and North Africa in turmoil? [Independent]
Yemen president vows not to quit and compares protests to influenza [CNN]
Walmart in South Africa: The beast in the bush [Economist]
Zimbabwean activists arrested over ‘Egyptian-style’ protests [M&G]
What Kenya’s self proclaimed lady of the night carries in her handbag [NairobiNights]
6 Things That Annoy You Every Day (Explained by Science) [Cracked]

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