Daily Dozen: 25/02

Rambo reigns: Museveni and Uganda [Economist]
Gaddafi who is the new Bin Laden, blames Bin Laden who was the new Gaddafi, of being behind revolution. Ironic? [BBC]
The limits of the ‘Twitter revolution’ [Guardian]
Would Snap Elections in Kenya Resolve the Abortive Judicial Appointments & Impending Hague Trials? [CKK]
My Position on KenyaFeb28 [Nittzsah]
Do Corporations Understand Social Media? [Bankelele]
Where is the money for Kenya’s public education going? [Mzalendo]
Cameroon’s Paul Biya: The Gaddafi of Black Africa? [SR]
South Africa enters the big league of energy-conscious car manufacturing [Independent]
Mugabe tortured Plotters of Egyptian-style uprising in Zimbabwe [M&G]
Sizing Up Revolutions in Waiting [NYT]
By 2013, India’s economy will be growing faster than China’s [Slate]

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