The “Anti-Gayism In Kenya” Group

Irony, n, sing, 1. That I wrote this article exactly one year ago.

**Update: I’m told the group has been taken down. Anybody want to confirm that?**

Nittzsah directed me to a certain ‘Anti-Gayism in Kenya‘ group on Facebook last night and I couldn’t help but momentarily double blink and choke back laughter. While I find the whole notion of ‘anti-gayism’ in Kenya hypocritically hilarious(and grammatically idiotic), it’s also frighteningly saddening the murderous, borderline genocidal, notions being freely floated about in that group. But more than that, there’s a certain level of complete ridiculousness about this whole thing that makes me wonder where we as a people have gone wrong.

Let’s begin with the hypocrisy of the group. I’ll go so far as to say that 90-95% of people who banish homosexuality for ‘religious’ reasons are hypocritical. Of course, this comes with a story.

A Ugandan friend of mine became a preacher/freelance prophet recently. I chanced to run into her as she exited a certain church in the CBD a few months ago and she invited me for breakfast the next day at the hotel where she was staying. Never being one to turn down free food, I showed up, early. Although she was draped in church funded gold and jewelry, I was cautious not to seem like a scrub; I ordered the blackest coffee they had and a single mandazi to test the waters. She ordered Eggs Benedict with a side of bacon, something I didn’t understand and some guava juice(or some other obscure fruit). The only Benedict I knew was from Ocean’s 11, so I quickly glanced at the menu for elaboration. For those of my hue of shadiness, Eggs Benedict is essentially half a bagel(or muffin, apparently) with poached eggs on it and some ham or bacon and some sauce. I was more concerned with the price so as soon as I realized her pockets were deep(Benedict is an expensive chap) I doubled the mandazis, added some fruit salad and loosened my belt. Oh yeah. I’m THAT guy.

Right then, this seemingly Kenyan(read, black) couple came from their room hand in hand, glancing profoundly into each other’s pupils. I would’ve commented, but my mind was somewhere in the kitchen, looking over the chef’s shoulder screaming ‘How long does it take to microwave a mandazi, dammit!?’ My friend, who we shall call Mary, for laziness sake, immediately jumped on the opportunity to mount her religious high-horse and damn(in the religious sense where you ask The Almighty to smite someone) “these sinful abominations.” Mary went on on a narrow-minded rant about how Jesus would handcraft an ass-whooping specially suited to ensuring people like these would “suffer for their sins” and “die miserably” for what seemed like 20 minutes. She was halfway through explaining how a special fire in Hell burns for them and that we should actually lynch them when her food landed on the table and she began scoffing it down like salvation was hidden in the toasted crumbs on the bagel, and the egg and ham were in the way.

While I had a rebuttal, I also had hunger pangs, so I ate one mandazi and sipped half my coffee before telling the broad “You know you’re being stupid, right?”

Her mouth was too full to reply. I continued to explain to her that killing a human being – in any context – was wrong in her religion. Wishing someone wrong is a sin. Further, judging – in any context – was wrong. Even further, that using the Lord’s name in vain was so wrong that there’s a word for it: blasphemy. Then I paused and told her that a lot of what she was doing now – eating swine, wearing gold, calling herself a prophet, using church funds to splurge on breakfast, being greedy – had been banished more times in the book she held sacred than the act she’d deemed as sacrilege. I then picked up my mandazi and walked away (because being wasteful is wrong).

Something about casting stones comes to mind.

Why is it that people get all high and mighty about this homosexuality thing? Especially politicians. The same clowns who’re probably in violation of half of the Bible they swear on and even more of the constitutions they swear by will stand behind pulpits and ask that we punish people for their sexuality. In Uganda, the ‘Anti-Homosexuality Bill’ broadly states that all gays and friends thereof are subject to the death penalty. Yeah, I could be killed for knowing a gay dude and not reporting it.

Dear Mr. Politician, lesbian orgies do not impact the lives of the starving. Criminals do. Tax evaders do. Your over-inflated salary does. Let God handle them.

And that goes double for regular folk. Where a man or woman derives her sexual satisfaction is of no consequence to you. If you really want to pretend to be religious, then go all out or don’t do it at all. What I find ridiculous is that we live in a country where divorce is rampant, where more people have extra-marital than have running water, children are abandoned on the daily – hourly even – and our problem is gays? Really? There are more prostitutes than there are homosexuals, if you really want to talk about the spread of AIDS. In fact, the way some guys/girls I know collect mileage, they might just want to do it professionally. Can we put a cap on that first? Isn’t that also religiously and legally wrong? How about divorce and premarital sex? These are things we can control but don’t. Because it’s convenient.

Truth be told, most people are anti-gay because it’s disgusting to them. Seriously, look through the comments on that Facebook page and see how many times they say ‘Lesbians are cool cause their sexy but men are gross and should be lynched.’ Ignorance to the tenth power.

My whole theory is this: stupid people should not be allowed to assemble. If we were to subject idiots to the same logic they subject others to; we’d all be entirely too busy lynching people to have a life.

I can’t remember the last time I had to account for my sexuality as a hetero and I don’t see why homo’s should have to do the same. Don’t we have other things to get angry about: like how we’re being robbed blind by our governments? I’d like to see an ‘Anti-Corruption’ group with as much enthuse as this anti-gay group. Instead we’d all rather play God and judge folk for what they do with their wangs in the dark.

Oh, behave.

34 thoughts on “The “Anti-Gayism In Kenya” Group

  1. It has being a while since I read a candid public lashing and I dearly love it.. remove the log in your eye before you do the same to your friend, we all live hypocritical lives.

  2. Aye, You do understand that you’ve actually not addressed anything here.. well besides not turning away food offers (LOL!!). Just coz prostitution is rife doesn’t mean we should tolerate pedophiles in the society. How does a pedophile affect me personally if none of my friends or family is a victim? does it mean I’ma have to show love to pedophiles cuz ‘well I got no kid who is vulnerable’? C’mon iCon, I’m not even gone base my thought on religious grounds since King James himself of King James Version of the Bible was gay. Scientifically homosexuality has no definition, It does not appear anywhere in the Science dictionary (For those that believe in science). Homosexuality is a lifestyle. A lifestyle which seem too cool to flaunt to the masses and it makes people want to feel more than just ordinary human beings (Gay Rights) just cuz yeah you dip a d*ck in someone’s butt now you should have special rights? C’mon!!! If Homosexuality is fine then having sex with an animal should be fine too (I know some ‘retards’ actually do it but then what? Do they get congratulated for having sex with lets say a sheep or cat?), Cuz they all same, Yes they don’t affect me (as you said in the post).

    Here is the deal, if someone love gay people don’t make it seem like it’s a sin not to like them, If someone has his/her reservations on that vice, just let them be in whichever way they try to argue their case but posts like this, don’t really help much. Can someone please give Scientific genesis of Homosexuality? Please I’ll buy you a drink for that. Don’t be quoting research done on white people.


    • A lot of people use the paedophilia argument in gay situations. But seriously, how do you compare violating a child [or animal] to a voluntary action between two consenting adults? That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. It’s a chosen lifestyle, yes, and since they’re not forcing themselves on anyone, it’s their choice. They should be allowed to choose without anybody harassing them.

    • OK, Knox

      1. Who said anything about pedophiles? We’re talking about a group of people who want to lynch homosexuals. Pedophilia is not a sexual orientation, it’s a crime. I’m pretty sure the large majority of pedophiles are NOT homosexual. Google it.

      2. I said homosexuals don’t affect me, and at another point I said they don’t affect the disenfranchised and impoverished. You are neither. But for the sake of argument, wouldn’t your issue be with non-consensual sex rather than with homosexuals?

      3. This was actually directed at the religious bunch. As mentioned severally. So…yeah. If you want to have a scientific discussion, I’m up for that drink. But I’ll tell you this much, a quick search on amazon will pull up more books on the science of homosexuality than you’re probably aware off. Including homosexuality in the animal kingdom and such.

      4. I never said homosexuality is fine, I think the main problem I pointed out is that we have bigger issues. A lot bigger issues. And a lot more things to be angry about. Look at the headlines on any given day on the papers and tell me Homosexuality is a bigger problem than whatever is on there.

      5. Not liking them is one thing. Have you looked at the group?(which has now been taken down, I’m told) I’ll quote a few things for you.


      GOD HELP US ALL!!!!

      “If you come across one, lynch it”. And that sounds civil to you?

      6. As for scientific research, there are quite a few Kenya based research groups with tons of info on homosexuality. Again, if that’s your interest, it is there. I can email you numbers later today and you can give them a shout.

    • Technically speaking you cannot believe in Science, Science is not a belief system it is a ‘Method’ where observation is used to make conclusions.
      There is also no major physiological difference at all between black people or white people the difference is in culture and upbringing

  3. This one is always tricky for me. For a long time, I believed that gay people were sick and needed to be healed or prayed for or something … anything! [Also, Mary was partly the mother of God.] I didn’t advocate discrimination or lynching, but I couldn’t meet a homosexual without asking what the hell was wrong with them.

    Around the same time I lost religion, I realized that gays are okay. They’re not doing anything wrong and they’re not hurting anyone, so we really should just leave them alone. It’s not like anyone is asking you to sleep with them, so you shouldn’t care what they chose to do with their lives and partnerships. Pilipili usiyoila and all that.

    I saw a quote on Twitter that I really liked:
    ‘If you’re against gay marriage, then don’t marry a gay man/woman.’ Sounds pretty simple to me 🙂

  4. Where’s a like button when you need one?? I’ve never understood why folk are so anti gay. Its not YOU. Why’d you care?? Or is it a reminder that someone else has the guts to do what you dont?
    No one should dare go the religious way on the condemnatiin unless they are following everything else in the holy book(s). Hypocrites.

  5. WTF? Most pedophiles are family members & probably heterosexual not homosexual. And we all agree it is a crime yet in so-called “African Culture” it is often tolerated. Want proof? Well, ask the swazi king who is banging girls half his age! No-one says anything…!

    Leave CONSENTING ADULT homosexuals alone. What they do in THEIR bedroom is not my, you or an unrelated person’s business!

  6. I dont read research about gays.. I base my reasoning on the layman’s kind of thinking…and it works for me.. I used to dislike gays, why? I thought what they did was disgusting… I however happened to become good friends with one of them and I started wondering why I hate it just because it disgusts me…if I find pizza disgusting, is it reason enough to try and force other people to stop?
    Then came religion…the most hypocritical school of thought in the society…we write placards and wish them death…forgetting the many things that religion denies us, that we indulge in everyday…we lust at people, even those that we see on our tvs…that itself is a sin already if we want to judge by religion…

    Simple, we forget about the things we do and jump over to be judges … take care of the log in your eye before you see the speck in another’s ….

    Whatever you believe in, be serious about it and stop playing all hypocritical..

    There is my peni-moja thought…

  7. I’m a staunch christian but I would never lift a finger against a gay person first because being gay doesn’t make anybody less of a person and secondly because I’d rather be an homosexual than get rich from poor people’s tithes.

  8. Gayism is not natural people. If God rained fire and brimstone on they that practiced it behind closed doors or otherwise, in Sodom and Gomorrah, I believe He is a consistent one and still holds the view on the homosexuals of this our day. So from a religious standpoint, you see where we are coming from. But then again, you may not believe in the bible.

    You are right though in one aspect: it is not in our place to judge and take it upon ourselves to mete out punishment to the homosexuals. But it is very necessary to call out their wrongdoings, the same way, we call out corruption, prostitution, theft and all other forms of ‘public sinning!’

  9. Gayism is not natural people. If God rained fire and brimstone on they that practiced it behind closed doors or otherwise, in Sodom and Gomorrah, I believe He is a consistent one and still holds the view on the homosexuals of this our day. So from a religious standpoint, you see where we are coming from. But then again, you may not believe in the bible.

    You are right though in one aspect: it is not in our place to judge and take it upon ourselves to mete out punishment to the homosexuals. But it is very necessary to call out their wrongdoings, the same way, we call out corruption, prostitution, theft and all other forms of ‘public sinning!’

  10. I’m still laughing hard at iCon’s response. When something is being discussed in the Public domain (Which clearly you brought up on your blog) how again are we not suppose to have opinions about it? cuz it’s an issue between two consenting individuals? I can’t rate that level of contradiction. If a prostitute is on Koinange street doing her hustles and clearly she’s not forcing you or any of your friends/family member to sleep with her for pay, why do you deem it fit to talk about it? If it’s about two consenting individuals why again are we being fed with that vice on the media and blogs? really? or maybe it’s right to say ‘Oh hell yeah I love gay people’ and that will make it seem a private issue between two consenting individuals? iCon, I’m agive you an opportunity to give one evidence (Please don’t post an observation or psychological bs from white researchers) that shows homosexuality embedded on some people’s genes. Only and only then I’ll give y’all a listen about Homosexuality being natural.. Put it up publicly and and I’ll publish my findings publicly too. Include all the gay animals too and explain to me why would a human being lower his/her dignity to behave like an animal (I’ll be checking on that gay animals propaganda). Also while at giving evidences, also publish the cause of rising Homosexuality in Kenyan boarding schools (Science huh?).. Blogging is informing, so let’s go to the end!! That is what real bloggers do, not speculating to put your point across.


    • Dude, focus. Opinions are one thing. Switching topics is another.

      I’m not anti-prostitution either. I’m anti people saying ‘Jesus says it’s wrong to be gay’ as they chow down swine and sign divorce papers. THAT is the topic.

      I’ll repeat, I’m discussing, as I’ve paraphrased about 6-7 times now, the hypocrisy of a group of people who want to lynch gays in Kenya for religious reasons. That’s the topic. Let’s keep opinions centered around that.

      The topic you’re bringing up is clearly not of my interest because as stated through out the piece, I don’t care who is gay, why or where. You seem to. If you do, the research is out there for you to do. My concern is that we as a people lack focus. Ironically.

      • From my first comment you shoulda realized I’m in support of those people. You replied back about research and all that, I requested you post them up on your blog to educate people like me and other Homophobes, so we don’t make speculations appear to be some well-thought insights to make certain people happy. If that is not of your interest then I don’t really understand why you blogged about it and put it out publicly, but then again, It’s your blog.
        Peace out my brother!! Have an easy weekend!!

      • I think there’s a gross misunderstanding going on here.

        The purpose…or rather why I “blogged about it in public” is to discuss the hypocrisy of a group of people who want to lynch gays in Kenya for religious reasons. Your question in your first comment was “Can someone please give Scientific genesis of Homosexuality?”

        I did not bring up research and speculation, you did.

        But to reply, I said most pedophiles are not gay and you could google it. Or just ask your local police station “How many child molestations are homosexual?” You’ll find that close to 90% or more are old men raping young girls. I’m approximating, because it’s not the purpose of the article., just your interest. And seeing as I don’t care about the history/stats of it, I told you I could refer you to people who do. **Update: I called Kilimani Police Station just to ask for you: They say all the reported child molestation cases this past year have been heterosexual. All.**

        And that if you want books they are on amazon. If you want books/research by black folk, I’m honestly not going to do that legwork because that was neither the point nor purpose of the article.

        Again to summarize the article, I said 1. religious folks are hypocrites 2. we have bigger issues than gays in Kenya. Those are the points of discussion.

        Since you’re in support of the group, explain to me why it’s a priority that we violently execute homosexuals. I’m curious to understand. I’m not asking about whether homosexuality is right(because I don’t care), but why treating them like runaway slaves in the 14th century is the correct course of action.

        Have a good weekend too.

  11. WORD.

    As I go through the comments I find more that I want to comment on. I admire y’all that are brave enough to display your pure idiocy.


    No one says it’s natural. Or ok. Or not a sin according to the Bible-thumpers. Neither is paedophilia. Or lying. Or judging others. Or taking 20 bob from your mom’s dresser. A sin is a sin is a sin. Right?

    What do you mean,they like it? Dude. Yeah,I’m gonna CHOOSE to have people hate me and be a victim of violent crimes. So if it’s not natural,how do you explain people are gay from the age of kedo three? How do you explain the people who have never felt an attraction to the opposite sex? And what’s that nonsense about acting like animals? Humans are mammals. And therefore,what? Dude. So we should not eat,because it’s acting like animals? Smh.

    Sometimes I do think gay people are crazy,because of some of the things that they think they are entitled to,like surgery to change their sexes should be included in their insurance packages. However. You have NO RIGHT to be the person who decides whether they get to live or die. They should not be denied their basic rights,like,I dunno,right to life. To choice. To freedom of association,damnit. And if the higher power you believe in tells you to judge and kill these people,I guess I’m burning in hell. At the end of the day,you think the way you think,and you don’t change unless you want to. So I’ma let you finish,but…you’re stupid. #IMHO

    • SMH!! I’m still trying to gather some sense for this gibberish but yeah I’ma let it slide.. I’m too grown for this Kindergarten level of argument.. Damn!!

      Get some books!! Aha!!

      • wow knox! just because people can have opinions on what icon has written, doesn’t mean that he cant have opinions on their opinions.and two…our pigs like chicken (you not knowing about homosexuality i hope you at least know pigs are omnivorous). So coz they like chicken, and i like chicken as well immediately convicts me of drawing my moral cues from pigs?? You see how ludicrous your logic is?

  12. Knox, or whatever your name is, quit it with the reflexology (writing before you’ve thought). This is a sensible well written article. Why on earth doesn’t anyone want to lynch Kalonzo and yet everyone is so angry at his black arse for being so stupid?! Because all you religious people think that God wasn’t kidding around in Exodus, and again in Deuteronomy when he outlined the 10 commandments, and maybe a little casually said, Thou shall not kill. You still got the message. Any human being that defines themselves as gay/lesbian/transexual/bisexual has the same number of chromosomes as I do, they have hearts and lungs and bodies that function physiologically as mine does, and if I was in a hospital checking to see if he/she was alive, I’d use the same criteria. So instead of being so angry at the world for whatever in your life is fucked up, agree that it’s not for you, hence you define yourself as heterosexual, and if it’s so bad for you, avoid them if you must.

    I am religious, but like the pharisees who were about to stone the prostitute Mary, I do not cast a stone. I don’t play God, and neither should you. I’d advise you take a very long step back too and drop that rock you’re holding in your hand. Ni ya kujenga nyumba. Which I suspect, was the talking point of this article.

    • SMH!! What?

      I can’t see how you are trying to connect Homo-fucking-sexuality with The Bible.. One bit you didn’t get from my posts is that I don’t subscribe to the Bible but then again fools like you are necessary in the society.. To strike that balance. Misplaced words to make up such a stupid comment.

      Just like the other one up there, You too need books.

      I kind like how Christians come up with phrases like ‘who am I to judge someone’ when in your daily lives y’all keep throwing names at people. F*ck your religion and all that bullshit!!

  13. @iCon In the article you’re discussing the hypocrisy of religion towards the gays, some of us it takes us a while to catch up especially when in the article you mention alot of other things prostitution, curruption divorce it appeared you were discussing homosexuality.
    Most of those who follow the bible to the T are hypocritical and thats because of what’s in the bible. In the bible you’re instructed to stone those who cheat among other things the same bible says ask for forgiveness and do not kill. Should you ask for forgiveness after you kill them or should you not just kill.

    I do not support lynching or killing the gays religion or not but am not against murder all am saying is lets murder the right people(pedophiles, rapists killers and Mpigs) that’s a subject for another discussion.
    So many people have been killed in the name of religion or people killing and hiding behind religion maybe we should discuss religion.
    In some of the comments I have read we are attacking those who’ve written comments we do not agree with rather than discussing their views and still proclaiming how religious we are, thats no different than killing the gays to me.

    In the recent past we’ve had several cases of religious men(priests & pastors) being involved in sexual misconduct and while your research may reflects your Kilimani call I do believe many sexual misconducts go unreported because of two things;
    1. They are too bad/gross as viewed by the society that the victim feels that they wont be believed – homosexuality. 2. The perpetrator and victim have a close relationship – wife raped by husband, niece uncle.

    My personal view is the 100% is because the society has come to accept that yes it can happen hence the willingness of the victims to come forward still some aren’t reporting and until the society(us) acknowledges homosexuality it will be difficult for a victim to come forward.
    I do not support the lynch gays mob mentality but we need to have an open discussion on homosexuality and why they hold such views whether for religious purposes or morality maybe in doing so they will come to understand why it isn’t right in my view.
    We are judge-mental as human beings lets not kid ourselves religious or not we judge people immediately we see them, read their views and all that

    • Just because you dont prefer something or understand it doesnt make it gross. Its very naive to say victims of sexual assault dont come forward because the crime is too gross or relations…how about a society that doesnt have a place or way of addressing sexual abuse, why dont you fix that first. How about the woman who goes to the police station and is told she probably asked for it, and there is nothing they can do about it.
      And what is it with this assumption that gay people are going around raping everyone. How about all the women being raped in Kenya?
      So we should foster conversations so you can tell homosexuals why you dont think its right…why the heck would that matter?

  14. Stupidity of the highest kind on display right there…well except for the person who either blocked them or removed the group. Meanwhile we have no jobs, broke, starving, sick, corruption but nooooooo more concern and enthusiasm to lynch. Am still waiting for someone to protest govt spending on ocampo or kalonzo’s diplomacy @#$ kissing!!

  15. Here’s another way to look at it. Assuming they grow in number and majority of people in the world are homosexuals, and heterosexual people were lesser in number and were shunned by the homosexuals. Assuming the homosexuals ganged up against the heteros like me and wanted to kill us.., how would this discussion pan out?

  16. WOW. I got here late, but my 2 cents:
    DISCLAIMER: I don’t have answers, just opinions.
    I’ve often wondered the same as iCon : why the heck are people so passionate about anti-homosexuality when there’s so much terrible stuff that affects all of us everyday that we are turning a blind eye to? – well, I’ve not just paraphrased but also changed the people being addressed in the issue. I think its easy to point the finger at religious people as hypocrites, but the fact of the matter is that within Christianity itself, we all know what Jesus thought of religious hypocrites (who still exist today and are probably in the majority of those who claim to be religious, and who will probably end up in the same destination as the gays they are against according to the very Bible they use). My personal view on homosexuality, with the little information that I have at the moment is that it is wrong, however I do not condone death threats over it either, heck I don’t condone death threats to the MPigs etc either. I really don’t have the power over anyones right to live, and neither does anyone else. Having said that though, I agree with FortKnox in the viewpoint of “well, since homosexuality doesn’t hurt me its ok” is a bunch of bull. But at the same time, the way the world works, we have to come to a point where we declare by law that something is right vs wrong. And since we are Africans who tend to want to be as ‘enlightened’ and ‘civilised’ as our colonisers, I bet in the next ten years this brouhaha will be a thing of the past, we’d accept gays into the society but we’ll still have corruption, poverty, hunger, killers, paedophiles and rapists running rampant. Having said that, I think while we are not united in whether homosexuality is wrong or right, we should be using our energy getting rid of what we can agree on as wrong – the aforementioned ills.

    • I could not agree more on the post. There are so many issues that affect us directly out there for us to be so passionate about who the other person sleeps with.

      What happened to living your own life and minding your own business?

      There’s a sayinmg that goes…’pilipili usioila yakuwashiani?’

  17. People people, Bashing eachother for differences in sexual orientation, religion, political views, race e.t.c is the reason for war and every bad thing especially in Africa, why dont we just agree to differ, I think homosexuality should be tolerated, as we tolerate pre marital sex, old guys getting with younger chics, masturbation, chips fungaing, prostitution and all the other things we consider harmless sexual sin, let God judge all that according to his will. But sexual molestation of whatever kind shld be seriously punished, if it was about killing sexual offenders, esp those who rape kids, whether gay or str8, then I might support that, but dont bash gays, let them be… peace…..

  18. The passion and vehemence on some of the comments brings the question..’why the passion on the homosexuality subject.

    Now think about this- Imagine you own a red shirt. Whenever you wear that shirt, almost everyone you meet stares at you, you find even your family and friends avoid you and then many people wish you dead. The government even publishes a law enshrined in the penal code that if one wears that shirt, they will be jailed for 14 years. Your church will not even allow you to enter the doors if you are in that shirt. Would you ever wear that shirt-even under a jacket? Unless you are on a suicide mission, I bet most of you reading will say no.

    Now, this is what a gay Kenyan’s life is all about. Why would anyone think that we decided to be gay and that we had a choice to be straight and just decided for the heck of it to pick/choose to be something that is so hated and looked down upon?

    If only you all knew how many of us wish we could be straight and live that life that you all take for granted. If only you all knew how long some of us tried all avenues available from reparative therapy, celibacy, religion even herbs to change.

    I know that most people are turned off by gay folks because of the thought of anal sex. The thing is, we all don’t have anal sex- heck some of us do not even have any sex and yet we are gay!

  19. Its amatter of striking the balance.i had agay couple friends way back in high school.when it was noticed they were almost lynched to death by fellow students.expulsion followed thereafter.its dated ten years back,but now belive you me,they are still together and strong,but acting on bisexual capacity.Now food for thought,if you have abrother,sister,nephew,cousin whom you so close too,but in true nature h’s gay.would abandon to give every right of love,social,caring and what have you to him/her?secondly if you are on the opionion against gays,tell me what would you do,if one of your own is lynched,and get the information may be after two days.would go in the street celebrating?am straight but i dont condone gayism at all,but also we should have some human in us.have you ever seen somebody being lynched?brethrens you’ll hate the day your born.its avery disturbing emotional trauma.we just have to avoid them,when you meet them,when due advice comes in handle its athumbs up.let God do His workings through.You are abrigde to change,bring some humanity in u.Thank u,GOD BLESS U.

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