Remember E-Sir – 8 Years On….

8 years ago today, we lost one of the greatest Kenyan musicians of our generation in a tragic car accident.

True to our DR tradition, today we salute our fallen brother and remember him for everything he was to us.

R.I.P. Isah Mmari.

Bonus: E-Sir Tracks

E-Sir – Lyrical Tongue Twister
E-Sir – Saree
E-Sir – Moss Moss (ft Brenda)
E-Sir – Hamunitishi
E-Sir – Kamata (ft Lenny)
E-Sir – Bamba (ft. Big Pin & K-rupt [RIP])
E-Sir – Boomba Train (ft. Nameless)
E-Sir – Coast II Coast
E-Sir – Leo Ni Leo


*If anybody knows where the album still retails, let me know. I’ve been meaning to purchase several copies since they keep getting stolen.

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