The New & Improved Zuku

We complained about Zuku last year. A lot.

Twice, the complaints were by myself and once they came from our resident ‘purple-haired Ranting Swede‘. In the comments, dozens of you joined in with your own queries and even more were sent by email. Zuku responded. You retaliated. It was messy.

Then late last year, Zuku reached out to Diasporadical privately, asking if we would help them in piloting and testing some new services(including fibre broadband internet). To be honest, the entire team was just too busy in the last quarter of last year and the first one of this year, so that project somehow vanished from our radars.

Until about a month ago when a young man in Zuku branded attire knocked on our doors.

He swooned us with promises of high speed internet(by Kenyan standards) at ridiculously low rates. Put it this way, we were paying about 1,500/= a month for 512kbps. According to the traveling salesman, we’d now we’d be paying 1,999 for 4mbps. That’s 8 times the speed for…500bob more?

No brainer. Got it. Winning. Boom. Duh.

Within a week of paying the deposit, their silence began to worry us. So we quickly began preparing ourselves; we’d been through Zuku battles before; we knew the protocol. We didn’t bother calling because we were used to them not picking their calls or keeping you on hold for 10 years. Instead, I went straight to the offices armed with fury, muttering “GIMME INNERNETS NOW!” as I stomped up the stairs. A nice man calmly met my anger by carefully looking up all the information and making a few calls before apologizing and then telling me just when we’d get our new connection installed(conveniently, the next day). He explained the delay and handed me contact information in case anything should go haywire. I was befuddled and so I stomped back down the stairs, less enthused, just….confused.

The next day, they came(as promised), set everything up and within 24 hours, our net was working. And fast too. Color me three pantones of confusion. I tested everything and then had an ‘Aha!’ moment. The wireless internet was down! The technician had left his own personal cellphone number so I called him and he called his buddies in our area and they came to configure it. THE SAME DAY. Add another shade of confusion because – unless I’m grossly mistaken – that was excellent customer service. From Zuku.

Since then, every single query or qualm has been addressed speedily. Every phone call has been politely picked up, every technician (except one) has been remarkably polite and helpful. I’m starting to wonder if Zuku really did hear all our cries and begin paying attention.

In fact, I’m going to put my neck out there and say I’m pretty certain that they DID hear them and ARE still listening. I got a call from a surprisingly chirpy lass the other morning who ‘just wanted to check if we were satisfied with their internet service’. She addressed me by name and everything. Never in my years of dealing with shitty customer care in Nairobi, and Kenya at large, have I had to bite my tongue. Alas today, I shall eat it whole.

I rescind my previous complaints and instead initiate a slow. golf. clap.

Well done, Zuku. Keep it up. Love the faster internet. Love the excellent customer care. And your new tech guys are not cocking up as much as the last ones.

Well done.

NB: Be clear that the fibre-broadband is only offered in certain areas. Check the coverage map or call and ask to be sure.

13 thoughts on “The New & Improved Zuku

  1. We got their 8MBPs connection on cable a while back. The very first days were good. Then the melt down began. I hate that I have to restart their router every 10 minutes after the connection drops! I am so disappointed! I cant believe I still use my Orange and Safaricom modems in the office because their connection is not reliable. A Safaricom guy was at the office recently to do a feasibility study so we can get their WiMAX. I hope it holds up for you.

  2. I’m actually still waiting for the other shoe to drop. So far, we’ve had to reset the modem twice (in about a month) and the customer care has been a lot more commendable than the service, to be fair. I just had to give credit where it’s due seeing as we’re told that we’re always complaining.

    *coughs in the general direction of everybody at Safaricom who’s mad at how we do*

  3. I love the services so far… re starting the router seems to be reducing these days. I can go for hours without re starting the router and the speeds have actually increased. C’mon guys let’s give credit where it’s due.. i am loving zuku fibre..:)

  4. Have a friend, whose parents built a block of flats. They wanted Zuku, they called Zuku, Zuku promptly came and did a site survey…it was quick, efficient…great.

    Then…nothing. That was in October. We phoned, emailed, talked to directors, managers, technicians etc..basically I guess the MD and the tea lady were the only people who were not spoken to. Zuku never came, never gave any straight answer, never seemed to have a single person anywhere within the organization who was on the ball.

    Finally in January or February after many many calls and emails, and after receiving many clueless replies; each more baffling than the last (“the equipment has to come from the US and people have gone to get it”, “There is no fibre in the area”, “We don’t have any record of anyone coming there” etc etc) the guys gave up and went for Safaricom.

    Yeah.. Zuku rocks.

  5. Haha i can picture you walking up the stairs furious and that dude totally disarming you with excellent customer service hence the confusion!! LOL
    I hope it holds up…but way to go ZUKU. I guess all this fussing about kenyan companies needing customer service training is slowly paying off hehe.

  6. We as Zuku appreciate any feedback given especially in areas we can improve in. Kindly furnish us with your contact details to enable us assist you further.

    Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you

    Zuku Support team
    T: +254 20 3292200,
    F: +254 20 828758,
    M: +254 0719 028 200 /0732 132 200
    Wananchi Group (K) Limited

  7. I’ve been on their wireless for quite a while (Months) in the Langata area hooked up on the 1MB non-bundle. Yeah, I get to pay more than all those of you in the lavish Nairobi locations just because I cannot afford to live huko ­čÖé
    What pisses me off though is that in addition to paying more for 1MB speeds than the guys on 8MB, I can NEVER get actual speeds of more than 200KB on average. That to me is a bloody con however much they claim “its the direction”… for Gods sake I have the same straight line of view I had last year when I was consistently a bit above 1MB you cons!

    Anyway, a few weeks ago, a friend needed to have Zuku installed, I gave him the contacts….
    He called.. got through…
    Then they told him they were no longer installing Zuku wireless in Langata!!
    Why? For the best possible reason! We were finally getting fibre!
    I quickly called wondering why they never bothered to let ME know. Why did I bother? They told me to fill a form and get a new account… and of course i had to go on a chase for the forms….
    Now it turns out that even if I can see the zuku cable passing right outside my apartment, THERE IS NO SIGNAL…
    They will come work on it they say… some day! And they have no idea when.
    Zuku just plain sucks IMHO

  8. Zuku stabs us in the back again… At first I COULD stream and download videos and files respectively but now…
    Zuku internet 1mbps = 10kbps. It is impossible to do anything but browse facebook and do google searches. I can do that on my phone Safaricom connection! Why do they think the 1mps speed is so attractive? It means that on a bad day it should take 2 min to download a 40 mb file or video. But you cannot. The connection is too intermittent and the speed is abysmally low. Zuku internet is a lie for committed customers, they throw you in the bin after a few months.

  9. I was paying 5500 KES for the service in Sept. 2012 and others were paying 4000 KES for the same service, I contacted Zuku, they told me the package has changed. It has not changed and it is the same but for less. I asked them to reimburse me or to explain what it this “change” in package… Until now I had 25 email exchanges with them and they never explained what is this change.I will not stop until this is clarified in one way or another.

  10. It has been quite a while since I last wrote. I now have Zuku ‘fiber’ – cable installed by Zuku, or a branch or affiliate of Zuku. It’s reliable. I have had no downtime in four or five months, and the speed it good, though not quite as advertized. Still, I’m happy with just not having to phone tech suport everyday.

  11. Worst thing about zuku is the number of intermittent drops and disconnections. I get disconnected at least twice every hour! I’ve tried to have this fixed for 5 months now but they keep sending technicians which is pointless because the problem is from their end. I’ve had everything replaced twice but the problem just seems to be getting worse. Today is May 5th 2015 and I have not had internet, phone, or cable services working since the 1st!!

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