#KiberaRoadTrip: Be Part of The Solution

It all started with Trey Songz’ tweeting one fateful morning.

The backlash was ridiculous. People immediately assumed the worst,took this as an attack on Kenya and retaliated accordingly. There’s no need to point out how fallacious that logic is. That horse is long dead and has been beaten to no end.

As our brother from another blogger, Archer, was on radio that afternoon, he said that maybe people needed to actually stop screaming at Trey and start redirecting their efforts towards bettering their community. He explained that he himself hadn’t been to Kibera, at which point I suggested that I’d gladly take him there and show him some of the things we can effortlessly do to help. The idea caught on and, with the help of @AKenyanGirl and @VisionAfrica we were able to plan out the first of what will hopefully be many trips to Kibera to come.

The name may be a misleading misnomer; the aim is not to tour the slums. What we want to do is to help people direct their efforts exactly where they are needed, to pair each person with a suitable cause so that we can all make a contribution towards bettering life in Kibera.

On the trip, we’ll get to meet some members of the Kibera community who will be able to explain the challenges they face in daily life. We will also see a community based project which is making a real difference to the lives of children from 4-19 years old through their resource centre which offers educational support and extra curricular activities as well as guidance and counseling. There will be plenty opportunity for discussion and to find out what difference YOU can make.

If you’re interested here are the meaty details.

When: Saturday May 14th.
Where: We’ll meet up at Prestige Mall on Ngong Road at 10am
How long: We should be done before lunch time. 2.5 hours or so.

We’ll also use the opportunity to donate stuff to them and their families via Vision Africa. Here’s a list of some things we’d be collecting:

– Stationery (exercise books, pens, pencils)
– School text books (primary and secondary, second hand is ok)
– Foodstuffs (Unga, sugar, cooking fat etc)
– Bar soaps and petroleum jelly/Vaseline
– Shoes and clothes

Please confirm as soon as possible by sending a little email to the #KiberaRoadTrip crew. Any feedback, suggestions, inquiries etc will also be duly addressed at

kiberaroadtrip [at] gmail [dot] com.

PS: Many times great initiatives come up on Twitter and get aborted prematurely or fail to have the desired impact or lifespan. Most of the time, this is due to aimless criticism coupled with mass hysteria; everyone’s looking for a loophole and as soon as one is found, everyone exits through it.

Let this be different. If there is any criticism or questions, let’s try and be civil and constructive about it. We’re all just trying to do the right thing and make a change. And if you choose not to be a part of this, let those that do, do it peacefully.

Many thanks.

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