Need I Remind You, Mr. Politician?

A letter from one Wanjiku, who you often assume is too shallow to understand the complexities of the constitution, but who you forget wasn’t too blind to read and understand it.

Dear Member of Parliament,

It is my little understanding that laws are what govern every creature in the universe. Whether it be the law of gravity, or the law of the jungle, religious law or customary law. Every creature, great or small operates within certain laws. It’s what maintains balance, peace and in human society, social order.

What you and your colleagues are having a hard time accepting is that we now have a new world order. A new Kenyan order, if you like. The minute we promulgated the new constitution was the very minute the CHANGE we so sought, fought over and voted for came to effect. On that day, 10 months ago, we assumed a new law.

And no matter one’s positions of power or stature, President, Prime Minister, MP or such, every Kenyan is required to abide by the highest law of the land – not the highest office.

The difference between the new constitution and anything new you will ever come across in your lives is that it didn’t become part of the system, it became THE system.

That said, I believe it’s time to drop the word “New” from New Constitution.

There can only be one law above all laws. No old or new law, that operates in the same land. Granted, there is a place for transition, but provisions and exception would have been placed in the current law, to guide such transitions in various institutions. If they do not exist, then they are null and void.

Kindly note, a “gentleman’s agreement” made over a couple of drinks or cast in the video clip of an avid journalist’s camera, holds no ground in front of the law. But should you wish to challenge such an agreement, you might as well do so within the provisions of the law. The law, which I, in my assumed idiocy, and tax-paying humbleness, voted for.

It always boils down to me.

It’s me who cast my vote that saw you take that parliamentary seat. It’s my meager taxes that run this country and pays your salary. That’s right.  It’s ME with the power!

And if you doubt what I am capable of, then now take note that it is my figurine now residing in the Chief Justice’s chambers. All numb, deaf, blind and dumb as you’ve always perceived me to be. Yes, they carved out a statue for me.

And statues are carved out for heroes.

Men and women who give their lives so that others may live a better life than they do. Poor people who give everything they’ve got and do not expect anything in return. Patriots who do not protect their selfish interests but instead defend the interests of the nation. Ordinary people who do not need positions of leadership to make a positive change in this country. All they need is power.

And I am the one with the power. All you have is an office, one that was created for you to serve me. The one thing we have in common is the law. And we are both bound by it.

Need I remind you?

See you in court,


4 thoughts on “Need I Remind You, Mr. Politician?

  1. This time round…..the MPigs have lots stacked against them. As of now….Raila has made an entrance at KRA and made his Kes3M+ backdated tax payment! Ditto Musyimi. With that happening….we can say that the tide has turned and they have been check-mated! There was always someone who was going to fix the MPigs…..I never thought KRA would be doing it!

  2. This passage did it for me:

    “The difference between the new constitution and anything new you will ever come across in your lives is that it didn’t become part of the system, it became THE system.”

    AMEN!!! lol

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