Why Kenyans Should ‘Watch The Throne’

If you’re on Twitter or Facebook or are remotely inclined to Hip-Hop, you know that Kanye West and Jay-z released a monster of an album titled ‘Watch The Throne’.

While there’s a lot of chatter about it, I want to urge all Kenyans, and East Africans at large, to watch the video to its single ‘Otis’. Why? Well…

They are auctioning off a Maybach to raise funds for the famine relief efforts here. I salute these two young men for not just being creative but for doing something for us.

That is all.

3 thoughts on “Why Kenyans Should ‘Watch The Throne’

  1. I actually watched the video this morning but I never got to that part captured in the first screenshot. So sad that it has come to this yet the MPigs are denying the revenue authority the tax that could *possibly* avert this crisis in the future.

    • Same here. I watched the video yesterday while reading the Press Release and didn’t know what the whole ‘proceeds’ thing was. Today morning is when I took the screencap

  2. I like the video simply because when I heard it was being shot in LA, I thought it was gone match the Rich-N***a images that ran through my mind while listening to the track but it’s come out just two homies having fun. No much imagery.
    Salute to Jay & Ye for feeding people. Jay is my G.O.A.T, Kanye one of the best producers of my generation (He produced some of the greatest classics from Jay and Common), I guess I’m grown that’s why I don’t enjoy Jay’s new stuff but I still bump that Black Album, Blue Print, Reasonable Doubt e.t.c.

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