Badvertising: “Spoof Ads by Diasporadical” Vol. 1

Now, if you’re on Twitter, you’ve probably seen most of these ‘spoof ads’ I put out there randomly during the day. But a lot of our readers are not are not online when the ads go up or are anti-social networking(read: cavemen).

So I’ve compiled them here and added one or two. Also because I’ve noted some of you are appropriating these to yourselves. Naughty, naughty. Behave, children.

Anyhow, enjoy and have a good weekend.

British Airways
This was because of their topless parties. Ehm. Yeah.

Why don’t I ever get invited to these things?

Airtel Money Press Release Typo

Yes, this was a real typo in a real press release. It didn’t need a picture to be funny, I could’ve just written the words and left it at that.

KFC in Kenya

KFC is finally in Kenya. Oh, rejoice! *blank stare *

I don’t see what the big deal is(no pun intended). But apparently thousands of people queued up for hours to overpay for fried chicken eat the Colonel’s chicken…over and over again. I walked past there earlier today – weeks after the grand opening – and…yeah, that’s a story for another blog post. Suffice it to say, even on a weekday, you’ll still find a solid line of people waiting to eat there. And to my knowledge, they’re yet to spend a single marketing dollar for all this love.

YU – No Charge

I have decided that Yu is a money laundering scheme. These guys have no intention of making money; just processing it. Free SIM card, free phone calls, free SMS, and now this ridiculous 2 shilling PER HOUR of data. For those abroad, that’s about 2 American cents or 1 pence PER HOUR of data. In a country where you’d be lucky to pay the same per minute. I have a friend who flaunts that he only spends like 20 shillings a week; and that’s because he has to call me. Only reason I haven’t switched to Yu is that I’m scared I may be funding terrorism or selling my soul to the Devil inadvertently. Someone explain to me how they make money. Please.

Orange – 3G+ Everywhere

One network I am with and can speak on freely is Orange. My goodness, these guys have epic timing when it comes to dropping calls. They’re the type to drop the call when a client says “So if you’re OK with these terms, I’ll go ahead and send 10 million shillings right now.” Disconnection. And then you’re unavailable for a few seconds after that. The cool thing though about them is that they’re fairly priced and even when you’re credit runs out, if you keep redialling, or resending a message, it eventually goes through. No idea why or how that works; it just does.

Speaking of unreliable service….


This is what started these spoofs. Kenya Power is notorious for not powering Kenya. I don’t think I need to delve into that, lest Kenya Power reps raid our comment section again. Hehe. They did last time, remember?

That’s all for today. Peace y’all.

PS: These are for satirical and humorist purposes only. If you really want us to take them down, we gladly will. But seriously, have a sense of humor.

11 thoughts on “Badvertising: “Spoof Ads by Diasporadical” Vol. 1

  1. ha ha….seriously please do tell how did you discover the Orange thingy about redialling or resending sms. thats so funny!

  2. You couldn’t have put it better, especially on Kenya Power. Here is a company that seems to sell more darkess than light, their commodity! Good works. And I will post the one on KPLC on twitpic……

      • Cracking up about the yu post, haha. What sort of Kenyan complains about free stuff? I kid, I kid.The wait was worth it, mob talent. I like the twitter posts but these come with back stories which make them a lot better. If this is what you do with your spare time, I imagine the ones you are paid for are epic (if this is indeed your job).

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