#VPmeetup: Questions for Kalonzo

I’m supposedly going to be part of a group meeting with this country’s current Vice President and Presidential aspirant, Kalonzo Musyoka. Ama Stevo, mkipenda. I’m assuming I’ll get an opportunity to ask a few questions and was wondering what you guys have to ask him.

I only have one question: given that the country has only gotten worse since he got into government(way back in the KANU days), I need to know why exactly I – or anyone for that matter – should elect him as an agent of change and a leader of people? Why trust a man who’s done nothing in two decades besides keep a clean sheet?

That’s my question. What are yours?

7 thoughts on “#VPmeetup: Questions for Kalonzo

  1. Why can’t you pick a position and stick to it? Being non-committal and waiting to see where the tide flows is hardly presidential. Case in point is your support for the new constitution before the referendum

  2. * If he really wants to be the President, what has he done to ensure that people from his backyard don’t depend on relief yet Rivers Tana and Galana pass through Ukambani?

    * What has he done in an effort to make the Correctional Services aka Prison Services under him more humane, hospitable and agents of rehabilitation of the offenders since he became the substantive Minister?
    – While still on Prisons, what has he done to ensure that the Prison warders are well paid, well housed and catered for like real workers? Why has he failed to utilise the prisoners to build new houses for the warders using simple local technology like Makiga Brick maker? Why has the Prisons in Kenya remained the same yet the increase in offenders has gone up dramatically, and doesn’t this mean that if he can’t manage to make changes as an MPig, then there is no way he can make any change as a President……


  3. Kenya is aristocratic state. Is meant for leaders and specific leaders who can and will never change. There are there for selfish desires and personal inclination. That is why Kenya is politically in stable. If a new face emerges, then the political veteran asks, Who is s/he, do we know his family apart from looking ones potentiality. Thumps up to united states of America, the states which left a good model for us to follow. But not in kenya. If I were ask who is the next president, I would start scratching my head and think of like other kenyans castigated minds, may be the Kenyattas, odingas, kalonzos, mois … I dont know how we can remove this, God forbid

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