I Was Carjacked By A Car Tracking Company

We get a lot of emails with people’s complaints and stories and in many cases do the best we can to help them out. But last week we received an email that was quite shocking and we felt I had to share it with you. The title frames the tale, but barely scrapes the surface of the story. I won’t babble on longer. Read below for Grace’s story. Kindly reserve dismissive criticism.

My name is Grace Gachoi I want to share an experience I had with thugs on 10/09/2011

It all begun on Saturday 10th. Me, my husband, Mbugua, and our baby girl decided to go and see our land that that we had bought at Juja farm. The land is located 8 kilometers off the Thika Super Highway from Juja. It was around 2pm and we stay at Kikuyu. So we enter our white Toyota NZE which my husband bought a week before at a car yard along Ngong road Nairobi… let me take you back a bit to the day we bought the car.

When we bought the car, my husband who is so keen on security decided to go and install an alarm to chase away would be thieves. While we were, there a man came and introduced himself as Mwaura (just after we had finalised the deal) and advised us instead of putting the alarms we should instead install a tracking device on the vehicle. He further advised us that we should not go to the well-established offices that they would charge high prices for the tracking device.

We took his number and told him that we would get back to him as he was offering to install a tracking device at only 12,000/= shillings. He even gave us directions to where we can get him at Ngara. We decided to shop other companies to find out the truth and found out they charge 25,000/= to 35,000/= for the tracking device. We decided that since these companies were expensive we should go for Mwaura’s tracking devices as they offer more features. My husband called Mwaura the following day and decided to install a tracking device from him although he had no office and I guess no papers to do the work. We reached at Ngara where he installed a tracking device and showed my husband how to track using his phone he even accepted 6000/= as down payment the rest were to pay in 30 days.

We were satisfied knowing that our car was safe and knew we had gotten the best bargain…ok back to our story we reached Juja farm around 5.30 pm as we had stopped at a club called By pass in for some meat. We started viewing our land interviewing people to know the current value of our land. We were so happy as we had bought the land for 30,000/= in 2002 and now the land was valued at 350,000/=.

We hadn’t been here for some time so we stayed for some time. As we were viewing other pieces of land in the area my husband told me that some men who passed us looked familiar but we ignored. We finished our business and decided to head back home as it was getting late. We started our journey back home and as we were going through that dirty road so as to join the high way our car suddenly stopped. We wondered why it happened as it was quarter tank and the car had been serviced. When it stopped my husband opened the bonnet to check what was wrong. On opening the bonnet, a car with three men stopped besides us and pointed the gun to my husband. I was about to scream when all over sudden the second man pointed a knife at me. I kept quiet and the two men ordered as in the car. One man used his phone to start the car and all of us drove off. I guess someone with the codes stopped the car. At the time, I just held my baby close to me as one man was busy molesting me. My husband had been bundled in the boot. We drove for what seemed to be eternity to a secluded place where the thieves stopped. The thieves opened the bonnet and removed a tracking device right in front of my face. It’s like they had all the information on the tracking gadget. They stripped us and one of the thugs tied us together and they went with our baby. This was after they raped me for a few minutes.

We were left there for some time. My husband was unconscious by then as they had beaten him. We stayed there the whole night and in the morning a passerby rescued us. We were rushed to Thika district hospital after which we ended up in Kenyatta as my husband had major injuries. I was the first to be discharged and started looking for our baby.

Fortunately, we found her at a police station, abandoned having been brought by a Good Samaritan. My husband was discharged two weeks later, we are now recuperating. We went to the police station and on trying to reach Mwaura, he’s mteja(unavailable) all this time we have never found our car despite reporting to the police. The investigation are ongoing and cant divulge a lot of info now but what I have been told is that there is a cartel of thugs installing tracking devices in Ngara and Hurlingamm, Ngong road e.t.c. . What I can’t understand is who is licensing people to start tracking as the other day my friend told me a colleague where she work buys tracking devices and install in people cars.

I thought this is a security issue and the government should vet tracking companies. I was told they are supposed to be vetted by CCK but who goes around checking. MWAURAS COMPANY WAS CALLED SIMBA TRACK. Does CCK know of such a company or any security agency?

If any Tom, Dick, or Harry can order units from China and install in our cars, how safe are we? This is a security issue and should be treated with the seriousness it deserves.


9 thoughts on “I Was Carjacked By A Car Tracking Company

  1. What’s scary is that I nearly went with Simba Track via recommendation.

    Fortunately, I chanced and got the money to get with one of the larger companies. Now I’m considering taking it out all together. What’s to stop an employee at whatever company from doing the same to my family?

    Sorry for your pain Grace. Final judgment remains with God.

  2. We were discussing this issue with @vancemuriu last week….my idea is that MPPS have the best system which comes recommended by AA of Kenya last time I checked. Yes it is expensive at about Kes30K+ but that price is negligible even for a Vitz. The installed alarm will also determine the premiums that you will pay to your insurer……!

    It is a sad story, but we can all learn from it.

  3. I feel sorry for the lady and her family but not only is the title wrong, she’s blaming the wrong people for their misfortunes.

    Sorry to sound insensitive but the primary responsibility for your safety is you. You guys decided to avoid reputable companies and go with some random jamaa who approached you. You know he had no premises and no license (so can’t imagine why you’d blame the licensing body) but decided to go with him anyway. I’ve heard it said that if the deal is too good to be true, beware.

    Saving 30k in this case ended up costing this family way more than that. People should be vigilant and always do some due diligence. Kenya is a dog eat dog society so the vigilence should be that much more.

    Hope this family and other readers learn the right lessons- cutting corners and going for the cheapest deal is seldom the best thing for you.

  4. I’m sorry for your misfortune Grace but I agree with Wakuria. The government is not entirely to blame. Much as it’s their duty to implement laws on safety and security, GOK is not your babysitter. Ultimately the efficiency of personal security lies with you. It is clear from your story that you were suspicious about Mwaura but you decided to ignore your suspicions. You decided to take a back alley and skimp on something as important as your welfare, your husband’s and your child’s. You saw red flags and decided to ignore them and that was the price you had to pay.

    However strict the law or however efficiently it is implemented, no system is 100% foolproof. There will always be those that slip through the cracks. Before you start demanding answers from GOK, how about you demand some answers for yourself:
    1. Why would Mwaura offer to install a tracking device at such a cheap rate and even throw in a few extras?
    2. Why didn’t you stop yourself when you realized that Mwaura had no offices and no legal paperwork?
    3. Did you ask for proof of legality? If not, why?
    4. Why were you willing to risk your family’s safety to save a few extra shillings?

    Remember Grace, at the end of the day, we were all granted common sense, sixth sense, hunches etc. We read in the papers everyday of people entering similar scam operations where someone promises you heaven for a dollar with no paper trails or proof of legality but we always brush it aside because “hey, that only happens to stupid people. It only happens to others and I’m smarter than that”. Shortcuts lead to dead ends. You should have known better

  5. I don’t want to sound insensitive (seeing that you’ve been through much pain,) but I’d say the red flags were up from the very start; and you, even as you saw them, decided ignorance. Family security can and should never be compromised in the name of saving.

    Blame games never won anybody a trophy. I think what Grace needs to do is look back at what happens, look back deep within, and pick up whatever she has left and endevour to be strong and move on, keeping in mind the lessons this ordeal (if I can say so) offers; and care not to go down that road again.

    Sad, but the pertinent lessons we MUST take up.

  6. I know am like 1.5 years late but really???? Is this how modern day Kenyans offer remorse??? Wow!!!! Am in shock, I wonder if the above people saying I feel your pain but, would say the same thing if it was them or their daughters or mothers or sisters or bestfriends. Regardless of the mistakes we make we should have reassuarance that someone will take care of us..that when we seek answers we wont be met by an alphabet of question marks.
    Am so sorry for this tragedy that you and your family faced, no one has a right to rape a woman regardless of the circumstance, it leaves wounds that will never heal and if they do the scars serve as a constant reminder, I cant imagine the trauma you went through not knowing where your child was and if they were doing the same thing to her that they did to you.
    Whether this animal called Mwaura is caught or not, I hope you have found some closure, somehow.
    Whats done in the dark will one day come to light, he will never get away with what he did to your family. There is a God who knows how to serve justice.

  7. its a sad story ad thanks for sharing it u have saved me from making the same mistake. may God remember you and your family

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