I don’t know why this story has affected me so much. I suppose it’s because I feel like it happened while I watched. It started this morning with a tweet from an old school pal. I didn’t think that much about it. I was just glad that Twitter was being used for good. Lately, the Kenyan online community has gained mass, and the world is noticing. We’ve had several worldwide trends, and YouTube even gave us our own page! But too often, Kenyan Twitter Trends [or TTs] are used for malice, jokes, and mischief. So it was nice to see us RTing for good.

Throughout the day, there were updates and more RTs, punctuated by a silly Twitter beef. A group was formed on Facebook and the search continued. Life went on pretty much as usual, and I hoped this little boy would be found. Yes, I know he was 28 years old, but he was @njerimaina’s kid brother, and he was somebody’s son.

About an hour ago, the TT changed. It suddenly read #RIPMarkMuturi. I tried to find out what had happened, but nobody seemed to have accurate information, and I was wary about following Twitter rumours. It seems a lot of people were wary, because suddenly the #KOT timeline was full of people trying to find out what happened. I was glad that people were sensitive, and that nobody posted anything unsubstantiated.

A while later, I went to the MKZ page where I had first seen the information, and I found this. It shook me to my very core, and I’m still not really sure why. I suppose because it felt like he was alive when I RT’d this morning and now suddenly, he was gone. It felt like I had watched a man die.

I trawled my Twitter timeline, looking for people who knew him personally, trying to confirm what I had read. I noticed that even as everyone RT’d the RIP, there was a sense of shock. People wanted to know what had happened for the same reason that I did – there’s a paralysing fear in the unknown. It’s like being clear about just what had happened would give us a sense of closure. We didn’t know him personally, but finding out the details, however horrible they were, would somehow make us feel … better.

I noticed something else too. I noticed that life went on. The timelines continued. People were sad, curious, upset, but somehow, life on Twitter went on undisturbed. The jokes went on, the punchlines proceeded, the questions about this morning’s tweef were unabated. A man had died, but the living went on living. For some reason, that made me really sad.

I’ve always been a little paranoid about this thing called life. I live ten minutes from my brothers’ place, but on more than one occasion, they’ve been arrested on their way home from my flat. Apparently, the cops find you suspicious if you have big hair. It’s like you’re hiding weapons in your afro or something.

My brothers never mention the arrests, because they know I’ll panic, so I only find out when they joke about it later, or when it slips out. As expected, I go nuts for a few days and insist they call the second they arrive. Of course, there are days when they forget to call, and I worry for a while before I finally doze off. Sometimes, when I’m really testy, I’ll call and ask them why they didn’t text. So I know this week, I’ll be a nervous wreck, calling those I love, making sure they’re okay, building up my Bonga Point Count.

But then the fever will pass, they’ll tell me not to worry, and I’ll forget the pain and unease until this happens to someone else.

There are no guarantees in life. We’re all going to die someday, and all the prayers and the money in the world can’t stop that. Wangari Maathai won a Nobel prize. Steve Jobs owned a billion dollar brand. The both had more money than they knew what to do with. But all their savings couldn’t buy a cure for cancer.

People die every day. In hospitals, in fires, in shocking ways and stupid ways. You could have a heart attack in climax, or you could get knocked down while crossing the road. In life, the only guarantee is change … and death. All you can do is love the ones you love, let them know you care, and try to leave a mark in the world. When you go, you go, and life goes on. But try to live so people will know that you were there, and people will notice when you’re gone.

Rest in Peace @MarkiyMark,

and may we never forget that you were here.

56 thoughts on “#RIPMarkMuturi

  1. A lot of people around me were close to or knew the man, so the mood made me feel…something. Sad, but also…uneasy.

    True to what you said, it made me worry for those around me and damn near want to check up on all of them. Life is very short and that seems to be a recurrent theme in the world with all the great losses we’ve experience this past month.

    We each have our day. Live yours to the the fullest. Let those around you know you care by showing and telling them.

    RIP Marky Mark. Prayers and strength to his family and friends

  2. “All you can do is love the ones you love, let them know you care, and try to leave a mark in the world. When you go, you go, and life goes on. But try to live so people will know that you were there, and people will notice when you’re gone”
    RIP Mark.

  3. Well said. Reminds us that though we may be separate, death is the oneness that brings us together. Well said. RIP Marky Mark.

  4. the bible says that tomorrow is guaranteed to no man James 4:13-16, lets live live carefully and remember who created us and where we will go after this life has been snuffed out

  5. I don’t know what scares me the most. The attention span of we humans, that one minute we are sad and mourning and the next we have moved on or that whether I like it or not, moving on is what we humans do. Coping mechanism perhaps. I’d like to believe that’s what it is. My heart broke as I followed the unfolding of this event, and the amount of helplessness I felt, as I worried about my friends and brothers was overwhelming. I hear you crystal. I am sure I shall be a nuisance to the said friends and brothers for the next few days till my head calms down. May the lord grant Mark’s family peace and courage at this trying time.

  6. I don’t know why i thought about the exact same thing..Not many remember or ponder your death for more than a few minutes..Even your colleagues,clients,customers etc eventually forget you and you become a statistic..”the guy who worked in finance and was found dead in kilimani”and yet we give our entire selves to our jobs and careers..At the end what matters is our loved ones and the impact we left where it mattered.

  7. This sad, i realized this life is short a while ago one minute you are hoping and dreaming and the next minute nothing. Its sad a young life cut short like that. RIP muturi.

  8. Thank you for taking time to pen this. I’m one of those who RT’d and looked for info all day. Though I didnt know Mark but I acted following a tweet from @DougFresh1979..
    I was hoping for a happy ending.
    The sun has set on @MarkiyMark and I am really saddened by this. It feels so close to home. So many mutual friends, there he goes into the clouds. May God grant his family and friends closure and comfort. May they celebrate his life and the happy memories. Each death reminds us that life is but a mist, here today gone tomorrow.
    May whoever did this pay the price. Vengeance isnt ours but at times like this, I wish it was.
    Rest in peace Mark!

  9. Amen. This is so real and food for thought for all of us. As cliche as it may sound… Life is short, live each moment as if it were your last and let all those you love, know that you do.
    RIP Mark Muturi.

  10. During this year’s motorshow, we joked as we competed for the asset finance award & business. May his family & friends get the strength to handle the situation in the best way possible. #RIPMark

  11. I never met, never followed Mark on Twitter nor even interacted with him. But he was a human being. So sad to know that a life has been cut short doing what majority of us like doing over the weekends. RIP Mark.

  12. RIP Mark!!!! I still can’t believe this sad news. You were one very funny guy who lived life to the fullest. Thanks for being my friend while we were in Daystar. Cheers pal!!!

  13. In the search for Mark I had a really bad feeling…but continued to hope against hope that he was ok…when i heard he was gone it was like a bad dream…I had seen him so much in the past year and he was always sooo funny…making every moment count…He will always be in my memory…I pray we all learn from this things just don’t happen there is always a lesson to learn…let’s not be shallow and mourn today and life goes on…let’s keep his memory alive and each take a lesson that can be life changing.

  14. It is soo sad. this is now the 2nd case i have heard of someone gone missing after a drink out…and body found at city mortuary. the other is being buried this saturday 17th. Yea its been less than 2 weeks. what is happening? how many more cases have not reached the media?something is seriously wrong. if it is a new spate of crime/criminals then why are they killing their victims?. REST IN PEACE MUTURI

  15. The last time I saw him, about a month and half ago, was at Sailors. He cracked me up with his usual funny self and told me that I have a very good man in case I dint know. He had worked with my boyfriend for over 6years and thats how I knew him. To hear that he was last sported at sailors before he passed on sent shivers to my bones. God loved you more, and may he rest your soul in eternal peace. We will miss you Marky Mark.

  16. A befitting piece. Thanks for putting in writing what lay in most of our hearts. I went to campus with him…sad. May his family and loved one’s embrace God’s closeness especially during this trying time.

  17. RIP Mark…we shared a local..i saw him almost every weekend..a familiar happy face..never knew him but he looked like a friendly guy..the neighbor next door..
    its shoking..

  18. I didnt know you but i was following the progress.Rest in peace. May the Lord comfort your family and give them peace of mind.


  20. Mark its sad man,we drank at Oxygen a few weeks ago. Joked with that mama over a CFA. Its sad you had to die
    that way> RIP

  21. Mark am still in shock but wat can i say but pray to the almighty for ur soul to find a resting place my dear. Davie my prayers r with you and your entire family poleni sana

  22. I don’t know you but I follow you on twitter. I’m his sister. Your tribute has touched me and I didn’t cry but I smiled because his death has touched so many people just like his life. He is and will always be my baby brother. Thank u for this. You are a blessing

  23. Just like most of us here, i dint knw Mark personally but most of the pple around me it. I have following the updates, its so saddening…This is a befitting piece, need not say more. May God give Maryanne and Davie strength to carry on. May he also see Mark’s family and friends through the pain…Sleep well Mark, may the angels watch over u always!

  24. Mark so full of life and cheer…..we once facebooked about how he would come hang out with me n my pals in vegas for the next rugby season come 2012….there is plenty memories t keep family and friends going and those that you schooled and worked with….gone but never forgotten….even in death you are the beloved….sleep in heavenly peace till we meet

  25. Hey Crystal great piece thanks. I didnt know Mark personally but he is close to very many friends of mine and even a cousin to some. I followed very keenly the unfolding events on fb on tuesday. Maryanne time will heal your wound. Rest in Peace, Mark.

  26. R.I.P Mark… seen you a couple of times at jobo… n it saddens me about what happened… I pray that the Lord will comfort your family during this trying time.. We may never know what exactly happened..but i Pray that you are with the angels in heaven

  27. This is a very well written and fitting tribute to a young man whose untimely death has caused a wave of feelings of all kinds across the country. What we are left with is simply reflection….reflection on our own lives and how we live them. it is time to take stock of our lives, appreciate what is good about life, get rid of all the negative vibes and spend more time loving and less time being angry with people. I was with Mark Uncle at Mercury Lounge last night and the pain in their family will run deep for time to come. I can only pray for his family and friends during this very trying time.

    Rest thee well Mark. Thank you for reminding us how precious Loved ones are. Your life was not in vain !!!!!

  28. It’s so true. The same thing happened when Ditos Nyambu died. Though you never met them, the dull mood just catches up with you and suddenly you fell sad for those people’s life they touched. Lets reverse this trend of usafe nights out in Nairobi and look out for each other. Don’t leave behind anyone that you’re partying with. Nairobi streets are not safe. #RIPMarkMuturi.

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