Surprise, Surprise. The Media’s Compromised.

I’ve never been one to care much for the media. I barely watch TV, and I only watch the news if there’s absolutely nothing else on or the internet isn’t working. Why? Because when I was very young I learned media houses were owned by various political entities. Shocked as I was, I remember my mother telling me this like it was just common knowledge. As I grew, I came to learn that it was. So how are we supposed to trust people who clearly have other interests? They’re all liars as far as I’m concerned; bake you a mud pie and tell you it’s chocolate fudge.

So I wasn’t surprised when a new tip got to me that a certain huge media house was involved in some shenanigans. The TV station in question had been running ads for an exposé Investigative Feature that brought to light the fact that the Kenyan government was recruiting Kenyan youths to the Somali National Army to go to Somalia and fight Al Shabaab. What supposedly happened next was that some super high ranking military bullies marched their way into this media house and put a halt on the show that was supposed to start yesterday. If you’ve figured out which show and what station, you know it didn’t air yesterday. It also won’t air today. Probably not tomorrow either. Because it’s my understanding that 2 of the station’s leading journalists have been sent with the military to the Kenya-Somalia border to water down the report, as commissioned by their CEO. Also, they’re getting paid sideways by men in green camo outfits.

So, my legal senses tell me that this is where the disclaimer should come in. These are all rumors.

That said, I believe most close to all of this could be true. I also believe that few – if any – will try and do anything about it.

Let me tell you why. First, just because I wrote this, the CEO of said media house is probably already barking orders and sweating ball juice all over his over priced slacks blaming every other person in the vicinity. Someone may get fired. Someone will surely get threatened. Dear sweaty-ball-CEO-guy, relax. It’s not who you think it is. We have sources too.

Secondly, our media is shameless. Not because of their soulless practices but because in spite of that the masses still follow them and more importantly, those in power bankroll them. So they’ll air whatever version of this feature they please, write some made up stories on their adjacent print media and make their case real. And the large majority will listen and take it in as fact.

Thirdly and finally, because there really isn’t shit we can do. Honestly, what are we as bloggers supposed to do against a military conspiracy outside of exposing it? Bear in mind, we’ve spared facts and names to protect the guilty and innocent, but really, hypothetically speaking, if I said ‘Boycott X-Media-Group’, how many of you would follow suit?

There are enough of you out there that we could make a change, a real one, and avail the real stories and the real facts being hidden by media houses today. If you read what I wrote carefully, you see that one journalist was not afraid, and was willing to investigate the ugly truth.

Not every journalist is evil; but almost none are free. And excuse me, Mr. and Mrs. Expert, but for that reason, my keystroke will forever be worth more than your entire suit-and-tie minstrel show of a newsreel. The worst of you are little more than second rate political prostituted puppets. But rest assured puppet reporter, you are not the problem. Your bosses, the government, the military, the wealthy, those that pull the strings that pull your strings are.

So for that reason, few – if any – will do anything about any of this.

I write this for the few.

13 thoughts on “Surprise, Surprise. The Media’s Compromised.

  1. Fine, let me be the bad guy.

    The report ‘Operation X Somalia’ set to air on NTV has been pulled off air until further notice. The CEO in question is Linus Gitahi. The report was done by Mustafa Mwalimu and is now being hijacked by Emmanuel Juma and Shaban Ulaya. If you watch closely enough, a bunch of NTV journalists are about to start walking out of the door one by one. Mark, Peninah, etc. There is a reason why.

  2. It follows suit that since every journalist wants to speak like Jeff Koinange they’d also want to mimic his specialised brand of bullsh*t “investigative journalism”.

    This is quite a post, it is my sincere wish that people do boycott mass media if for nothing else but stymie the pockets of potential suit-seekers…And if L is for Lawsuit, I might as well add a caveat for females working in said media-house; Jeff’s M.O is an alleged date-rape after inventing Rebels in the Niger Delta, allegedly. These crazy fucks might be out to try fill his shoes.

  3. I like to think that the “expert” debate between the journalists and bloggers ends with the puppeteer. See, what makes us equal is our desire to gather and pass on information. What separates the journalist from the blogger is not ethics or the code of conduct but that hand under the table, pulling at the journalist’s balls. The puppeteer in this case could be anyone – from the state, shareholders to that so called CEO. Are bloggers better? No, not necessarily. Besides, we don’t have the ability to lie to such a large audience. But it’s quite disgusting to see these award winning journalists and media houses so compromised when it is their swear-by-the-Bible proclamation that they uphold the truth. For what it’s worth, in memory of those who’ve lost their lives and continue to do so under oppressive systems of government and illegal groups, shut up! And always remember, there’s a good reason why the revolution will not be televised. Make your puny money, receive those bloodied brown envelopes but also realize, we see the bullshit.., and it will all come out one day.

  4. One of the first lines broadcast on TV when the world was moving from the silent era to “talking films” was uttered by Al Jolson. He said,

    “You ain’t heard nothing yet.”

    How prescient.

  5. It is very unfortunate that the media that majority of Kenyans look up to as beacons of freedom can be influenced on what to show and not to show by forces in gvt. What they forget is that once they let this genie out of the bottle…..getting it back in will never be easy or even possible. It is more troubling considering that we are experiencing security lapses that call for a serious look into Kenya-Somali border!
    Trust is like virginity, once you lose it, you can never get. I really hope, for NTV and NMG at large, that sense will prevail and screen this show…or it will be leaked…..and maybe, just maybe, that should be done if only to stem this slide….and for NMG’s sake!

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  7. I used to trust Kenyan Media, almost disassociating them with all the crapp going on, but im starting to have my doubts. **switches to next article**

  8. I am afraid, very afraid for the Kenyan soldiers doing their make-believe war on Somali currently.

    This country should never have stepped for more than 20 kilometers into Somali. The most we could have done would have been to create a buffer zone for those 20 kilometers and elected for shoot-for-target practice at those silly border guards who let into the country the Al- Shabab aliens for 200 shillings only.

  9. You read an article on the paper and get so impressed.But what you don’t know is some politician called in, whipped out a few hundred thousands and whatever he says is made the headline.

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