Kenya Is The 143rd Richest Country

Did you hear the big news last week?

Kenya is now ranked as the 143rd richest country in the world. ish. I mean, if you consider the UNDP’s Human Development Indicators as a fair way of ranking nations, we are 143rd.

Now, I know some of you are thinking ‘Isn’t that horrible? Placing 143 out of 187 is like finishing a marathon right before the staff close shop and go home.’

To those naysayers, I say this: Yes, it’s horrible. But it’s less horrible than it was before.

You see, there’s a little green triangle pointing upwards next to our country’s name. This means that we are doing better than we were before. How much better? Well, you remember in 2007, we only placed at 147; but 2010 we made a serious comeback and snagged 144th. Now we’re at 143. At this rate, by 2111, we’ll place in the top 50 and there’ll be no stopping us then.

Although the ‘facts and figures’ in the report indicate that we actually got poorer, and also that the only reason we got better ranking is that other poor countries got even poorer, I think we should at least embrace the little gain in rank. While ‘experts’ and ‘analysts’ will point at the suffering economy, the thinning out of the middle class and the increased prices of commodities as proof that Kenya is on the decline, I want to remind you of the gains we ARE making.

Our Prime Minister is an excellent example of this success. He continues to rank in the top 5 highest paid leaders in the world for the 4th year in a row. And that’s just the income we know about. If we counted all the side payments and endorsements he makes, he’d consistently top the charts. If that’s not prosperity, I don’t know what is.

Not pictured: Raila Swimming In Money

Then of course, it’s worth noting that narcotics is now a multi-billion dollar industry in Kenya. That’s right, we are moving close to 200 Billion Shillings worth of drugs per year. Or more. We don’t really keep track. Plus, if you watched KTN yesterday, you know that the people keeping track are also partaking in the spoils, so that’s really like having a presidential candidate count his own votes. I’m not saying that we’re on Afghanistan’s level. Clearly not, those guys are ranked 173rd! War or not, we’re doing better than them.

We’re not doing better than many African countries though. Unfortunately, we’re not even in the top 10. Or 20. But you know what, we’re not in the bottom 10. Or 20. We’re smack in the middle. This means that we are the heart of the continent.

So even though an overwhelming majority of the country(30 million people) say they are dissatisfied with living conditions and well over half technically cannot afford to live in Kenya,..we still have some of the highest paid people in Africa. Alas, the world. In fact, somewhere in the UNDP report, there was a statement that basically said that if our ex-patriots and foreign investors stopped investing in the country we would inevitably crash. While many look at this as a measure of instability and unsustainable growth, I think we should look at it like ‘Rich people like to live here so we are destined to be rich.’

In all seriousness, the state of the country is pretty dire. The other day the price of cooking gas doubled. Sugar companies are still hoarding sugar, keeping prices high. Goods we have locally are being imported because it’s cheaper than buying locally because of greed amongst local monopolies. The rich are getting richer by digging so deep into our pockets, they’re tickling our knee caps and pulling up our socks.

But the rich are doing good, so I’m sure they don’t care. The government…sigh. New Kenya is just Old Kenya with more money. Only that money stays with the same people who had money to begin with.

Not to mention that now we’re at ‘war’. Or whatever you want to call it.

And we have an election next year.

I feel like our priorities may be; just maybe; grossly misplaced.

18 thoughts on “Kenya Is The 143rd Richest Country

  1. What is happening? Is someone hoarding bread? In my village it just went up by 3 shillings. We are not feeling that richness here at the ground.

  2. I did have 2 forgo bread to fill up the cost of sugar. The world is an expensive place to live in now, we should move to the moon.

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  5. Nice post. You portray a country of a huge majority of poor people ruled by a rich elite minority who are propped up by the middle classes. As these middle classes begin to feel the pinch their support for the dynasties and old money men that have ruled us will begin to whither away – perhaps then we will see a new order. If that is what we pay our leaders – we should be way up on the rich list

  6. it’s a pity that not a majority of the local popn.(if not all) has access to the intèrnet…this article would have gone a long way to empower kenyans what kind of people we putting in power…

  7. Disaporadical, as usual, have hit the nail on the head! We are given the news to make us feel better, but its more like the mouse that bites your finger and blows gently to mask the pain. It leaves the mouse full, but you are left scarred and diseased. I don’t know how the leaders we have figure they are justified to earn among the highest salaries in the world, yet we are among the poorest nations. Most of them are multi-millionaires whose money came through accessing assets via power, they are rich because they were in power and manipulated this power for private enrichment. It may seem you are a voice crying in the wilderness, but I assure you, you are not alone. Many Kenyans are now thinking critically as to how we can do things the same way and hope to succeed. Something’s gotta give, and soon!

  8. Given that Kenya is a dot in the universe of global say, it’s leaders a mere fraction of that dot and it’s citizens holistically negligible I’d say; what does it matter if some insignificant happening in Kenya is making 240 times what Wanjiku is making? It’s going on everywhere in the world and “that doesn’t make it right” is not an argument. Vive et Vivant.

  9. There is a very huge disconnect between the governors and the governed! The age difference is also not helping a lot….and the miscommunication between the generations is something of a tinderbox. Just waiting for the right spark to catch fire. The most unfortunate thing is that the elite do not see the danger around them,that you can’t lIve in opulence yet surrounded by deprivation.

    Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime. – Aristotle

  10. I just moved out and am only 18 and i cant remember life being this tough.The fact that our leaders seem 2 care more about their insatiable needs is not helping with the situation.

  11. The PM of india makes $ 4,106 a year!!! Oh my beloved kenya when are we going to wake up and change things..Raila is no.3 on that list and we are pooooooooooorrrrrrr how does this make sense surely.

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