“WAGEUZI”, Raila & The New Kenyan Youth

There’s a very talented man out there by the name of Andrew Kaggia who created a very powerful 3D Animation by the name WAGEUZI. It’s a very new look at the battle between politicians for the votes of Kenyans. If you haven’t already, kindly take 13 minutes out of your day and watch it.

It made me think back to a conversation I had with a Poli Sci/IR professor earlier this week on the youth vote. It began with a discussion about all the things currently lacking in Kenya: fuel, gas, sugar, maize; commodities we know are there, but aren’t being sold. Artificial shortage. We talked about the various political figures involved in this hoarding and – frankly – strong-armed robbery. We settled on Raila and began to address his underhanded dealings when she finally asked:

“Why doesn’t someone tell the youth about this? People think that Raila suffered under Moi – which he did – and that now he’s part of them. A man of the people, of sorts. Really he’s not. He’s worse, wealthier and about to be more powerful. Why don’t you tell your peers about it?” she asked.

I tried to explain that while we may know about all these instances of corruption, the bulk of the youth don’t. And even if we told them, I had little hope it would change anything. A few months to voting time, trailers and buses would make their rounds and buy votes; in cash or kind. Tribal lines would have already been long-formed. I mean, they already are. Tensions will already be heightened. Politicians will deploy spindoctors and PR teams; they will market themselves, rebrand, repackage, so many times that the truth and lies will all end up in the same scrap heap.

The kiss of death, however, is that whether or not all unfair play fails, rigging will be in full swing. Watch for 101% voter turnouts and brace for ballot boxes disappearing.

Sigh. I said all this to the professor and affirmed that my thinking was that we should invest time in telling the youth not to get violent after the fact; reminding them of 2007 and creating some form of reconciliation.

She said something I didn’t expect. She said that although we may not be dealing with a completely new Kenya, we will be dealing with a New Youth. And this youth knows that their votes count. “They lost people in 2007. They’re waiting for change, they’re waiting to vote. They watch TV, listen to radio, follow the scandals.”

She recounted stories from her long experience in civic training. “In 1992, when multipartyism came to Kenya, voters were thoroughly uneducated and underprepared. They thought that if a politician gave you money and you didn’t vote for them, you would be cursed. These days, they’ll take money from everyone and vote for who they want to. It’s no secret that ballots are secret.”

We continued to talk about how votes are bought and why candidates like Uhuru and Raila have the upper hand on others financially. I was recently privy to an unofficial fundraiser for the latter. Words cannot express my sheer shock at how many tens of millions were raised in one night. I sincerely doubt anybody in the room doled out less than a million.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, Martha Karua had a little fundraiser. The outcome was a lot more humble, as was the entire affair. In a private conversation it was suggested that perhaps she should target people with bigger money. She said something extremely profound; that she wasn’t out for people with money, she wanted people who could and would vote. Money would not be the deciding factor, votes would.

As the large majority, we the youth are exactly that; the deciding factor. Aaah, the weight on the youth’s shoulders gets heavier by the day. Why shouldn’t it? We really are the ones sowing the seeds for the future, and we too shall reap it. What we do ultimately changes the direction the country goes in. More importantly, we really are the only wild card left. The Joker in the deck of the 2012 elections is your and my voter’s card.

So when I see something like what Andrew Kaggia has done with Wageuzi, I remember what was said to me. This may not be a new Kenya, but we are dealing with a new Kenyan Youth.

Let’s hope this changes the direction of the country, leading to and beyond the next elections.

23 thoughts on ““WAGEUZI”, Raila & The New Kenyan Youth

  1. The youth…we are now the wildest of all cards unknown to any politician in Kenya today. These MPigs think of themselves, ignoring the sentiments of a majority of people across the racial divide. People who have realised that the problems in Kenya today are being caused by the MPigs and their cronies.

    When it comes to rendering many MPigs jobless……………. 2007 was epic, but 2012……. will be the mother of them all. They will be so shaken they will need the 5yrs to realise what hit them.

    Whoever said ‘…living in interesting times..’ was a curse had Kenyan MPigs in 2012 elections in mind.

  2. The problem is, those who know what’s going on don’t vote and when/if they do, there’s the plethora of election irregularities to water down their effect. Not to mention the various fail-safe methods of instigating violence that’ll require retaliation using 2007 as a blueprint. All in all, 2012 looks bad from where I’m sitting. How bad? Abbottabad.
    Side note: Andrew Kaggia is a very talented young man, the epic-icity of that short film is second to 2016 and 2016 alone.


  3. Kenya like most African countries has majority population 55.1% to be exact between 15-64 yrs, only 2.7% make up >65yrs. That is 22m people, i wouldnt be surprised if most of then were in that 15-34 age bracket. Election irregularities aside, you cant overcome majority vote, if people realize they are fighting for their country and future, they will not sit there and take rigging. If people dont want you, they dont want you-the end. People need to realize that saying your ONE vote doesn’t matter adds up when 1-2 young adults say the same ish in every household in kenya. It matters, its the ONLY thing we have if we are going to give ourselves a shot at life in kenya 10yrs down the line…so fight apathy, get registered and vote wisely.

  4. Thank you!!!! I want someone with access to all the media tapes of the politicians talking wherever…. parliament, campaigns etc and come up with a mixtape of sorts…. The headlines about no fuel, long lines then what they said/ did about it…. I would pay hawkers to sell it on the streets.
    If we could do this for every current MP and past one seeking elective office then give it to the people, flashdiscs those ushago cinema halls? IT NEEDS to be done!!!!
    That profound moment with Martha Karua NEEDS to be on tape….
    I can’t stress it enough… the people NEED to know.

  5. Woow somebody finally voiced it??? It is the truth that nobody dares speak, especially our cowardly media… Raila is easily the greatest hypocrite this country has ever had… We see you tinga and your days are numbered!

  6. this is somewhat unfounded critisism of certain politians.. Have you thought to yourself that perhaps we don’t have the right leader to vote and that we simply pick the best of what is offered to us? Do you think martha karua would be any different given her vocal stance and shameful open support of a rigged election?? Nooo my friend given what we have on choice, our votes will not make a difference

  7. I’ve seen a lot of hate spewed about that video, but it moved me. I’m one of the people who didn’t plan to vote because I don’t really see anyone worth voting for. I support Martha Karua, but I doubt she has the numbers to get anywhere, and I don’t see how my one purple finger can help her. But for some reason, not sure what, that video changed my mind. Come 2012, I intend to purple my pinkie and make my voice heard.

    That’s if I get my replacement ID in time. It’s been 6 months and counting.

    About the new youth, I agree with the Professor. Some people say they’re waiting for 2012 so they can do what they did all over again. But I think we learned our lesson. I don’t think we’ll let our country get to that point again. The referendum proved that. We’ve had lots of climactic moments since PEV, moments when I went to sleep afraid to watch the news next morning, and yet nothing happened. I think we learned, and I’m glad we learned. I look forward to a peaceful 2012 when we can vote with our fingers and our hearts, not with rocks, teargas and pangas.

  8. The under 35 in Kenya must make up their mind. Get rid of all politicians who have ever been inside the Parliament in Kenya, now and in the past. Refuse to vote for children of former leaders as well. “Anything” that has been to Bunge is a virus, is the enemy and is what Kenyans must get rid of for healing to start. Then we can know our true history, that Kenyatta, Odinga and host of the textbook heroes we have, they were all fake. For the youth we don’t have a problem if the next president comes from North Eastern province……. With the Uhurus, Railas, Kalonzos—- unless they make a pact to continue raping Kenya, so long as they fight it out….. violence so shall be… poor kenya

  9. “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Albert Einstein

    Dear Kenyans, if any leader gave us 50/-, 100/-, 200/-, 500/-, 1000/- or even 10,000/- for our vote we should ask ourselves what it is they are buying form us. They will be buying not only our votes, but our silence, our compliance and our sweat for the next 5 years. If we are indeed jobless like many Kenyans are, will that money be enough to sustain us for the next 5 years? What moral authority will we have to question any leader we elect after taking their money if they go ahead and misappropriate our taxes for their own benefit?

    To change our country for the better, we have to change our attitudes towards the leaders we elect. Invest in leadership that will put money in our pockets by creating an enabling environment for us to thrive, not by giving us temporary handouts. Let us read Chapter 6 of our Constitution on ‘Leadership and Integrity’ and adjust our attitudes accordingly. Our power is our votes.

  10. The writer here is completely biased and has a basic view of the kenyan situation. I dont think that it is the kenyan politician that will bring change to Kenya, change lies in the new constitution dispensation. I bet she/he may not know the rot that lies in the civil service, the kenya police, judiciary and many other institutions in Kenya. Can’t you feel the change of attitude that people now have in the electoral process. So stop blaming the politicians, start getting rid of those prehistoric men and women that are still in service for the wrong reasons. Just to ask, you think Muthaura acts for the best interest of the country?

    • Nope. Read what I write before commenting on my views. This is specifically about the youth vote. Everything else I’ve ever written about until this point says that the change we need, the revolution Kenya will never have, needs to begin with a change in mindsets. Not a change in guard. My concern for next year is not who we elect, unfortunately. Its what we do after the inevitable happens and Raila wins. Dead people can’t make changes: RE: 2007

      • i Still maintain what i wrote about your article, you don’t know who to deal with to bring change in Kenya and instead you are trying to convince the youth to vent their anger and frustration to the wrong guys. I even agree with a comment left here that we are trying to alienate some people who have been agitating the injustices and crime the past Kenyan government has perpetrated to its citizens for so many years. Politicians dont bring change and please leave them out in trying to make a better Kenya, lets focus on REAL CHANGE which lies in change of institutions within kenya and the mindset of kenyans. Please, dont get me wrong, by mindset it doesn’t mean bulkanising kenyans in tribal cohorts by provoking presidential candidates supporters. I know Martha Karua has been standing for the injustices of KANU and so has Raila Odinga, Kiraitu Murungi, James Orengo, Musikari Kombo, Anyang N’yongo, Charity Ngilu, Beth Mugo and many others. We all know that they indeed want a better Kenya and they are sincere about it. So a bit of change of tact may work here, dont you think so?

  11. As much as votes would be the deciding factor, you need money and a lot of it to reach these voters, who some of them live in places which are unaccessible by roads. You need money to articulate your visions to the population through media and campaigns. All these need money, and so without it, however good you are potentially, no one will even hear about you.

  12. Are we the wild cards? Or followers of tribalist sing along with them and helping promote immature politics.

    With no harm intent, the learned Kenyan youths will be the one to break the cycle of bad politics and do away with bad leaders..

  13. tribal chauvinists and Kikuyu propagandists who are themselves paupers but get paid to behead kenyans, rape their mums and kill other kenyans wrote this. You get the primitivity and misinformation right from the second paragraph. Even Kibaki knows that Raila is the best thing which ever happened to Kenya and we don’t rape our mums and kids

    • omundukhumundu,

      Emotion is clouding your ability to be rational and objective. But in the spirit of healthy debate, I shall dignify your comment with a response.

      You say: “We don’t rape our mums and kids.”

      Who is “we”? No one is targeting you, or who ever it is you claim to be speaking on behalf of.

      Two quick historical facts I note about Raila:

      1. Raila Odinga’s connection with the 1982 attempted coup is the reason he was imprisoned and tortured.

      2. Later on, Raila Odinga left the Opposition to join Moi in KANU and served as a Cabinet Minister in the Moi Government.

      These two well known facts alone, I believe, speak volumes on the moral character of Raila and his presidential ambition. Good or bad? I’ll leave that to you and others to decide.

      Lastly, here at DR, we dont take kindly to name-calling, insults or abuse. So next time you chose to comment here, please check your emotions and your pre-conceived notions of us at the door.

      You’re welcome, btw.

  14. GOOD work on the production.

    However your message has fallen into the trap of anti raila/pro raila discourse, you spend much time of the message and in your writting on rao rather than selling the alternative.offer the youth an alternative.

  15. If the youth are to have any change in this country it is imperative that the four progressive candidates in the names of PK ,Martha ,Tuju and Musyimi MUST team up to form a credible third force that can challange the status quo in the name of PNUODM ,if they dont do this then we can all be assured that neither of them will even get close to no 3.Martha Karua ,calm down and work with other like minded leaders if you guyz split the youth vote the i can guarantee the presidency will go to either ODM or PNU under whatever umbrella they will come up with and we will never forgive you.

  16. Peter Kenneth, Martha Karua and Raphael Tuju, you can do great things for this country if the three of you unite and make a formidable third force but if you try to change Kenya individually I have three guaranteed words for you “YOU WILL FAIL”. The PNU and ODM have more resources individually then the three of you put together but there is a window of opportunity ,I see the PNU and ODM as the proverbial “kilkeney cats” who fought each other so bitterly there was none left to win .This is the window of opportunity but it can only be achieved through unity of purpose ,you will not have to lift a finger to fight these two self destructive lords of impunity, when nothing but their tails are left you will make the grand march to state house and change this country forever .I will leave it to the three of you to invite other like minded leaders to our camp, a good example is Mutava Musyimi ,my personal line up will be Raphael Tuju for President ,running mate Martha Karaua and PK will be certainly the first secretary of Finance under the new constitution, he will have another stab at the presidency in 2022.Why I say this is because across the nation Kenyans want to feel that the presidency is not a prestige of one community ,to shove this school of thought will be naïve or what do you think?

  17. The video is appealing to those of us who like animations. The message is clear for us. For the others, whether youth or else, its all fuzzy. Besides, some politicians are royal, (to be elected without question)

  18. As with everything else in Kenya, all messages come with a tinge of bias. In this case it is very apparently anti Raila. While I agree that the premise of the whole article and movie is about mobilizing the youth vote, it seems a tad strange that only one person seems to be bearing the brunt of “Kenya’s” problem. Where are all the names of people who have pillaged and raped this country and still do ? Where are the names of the Moi’s, Biwotts’s, Uhuru’s, Kalonzo’s etc etc. if you want to be taken seriously as a voice of Kenyan youth, get rid of the gorilla on your shoulder named TRIBALISM ! You are about as see thru as a hookers knickers.
    Part of the problem with folks is that they want to give Kenyan problems a name and face….typically it’ll be someone from the rivals side..this case RAO. Raila is not the problem ( not sure if he is the solution either ) butto demonize him and place the burden of our pronlems on him is just as irresponsible.
    Go and get some journalistic credibility and try this again.

  19. To see what is infront of one’s nose require a constant struggle,your justification ar wrong .raila detention does nt mean da system then wuz right?joinin kanu en nt bowing 2 pressure wuz a gift 2 ths country.even martha other day just walk out of kibaki government,wat makes her move 2 patriotic than da of raila in kanu.double standard politics .during da previous regime each en anx1 who had kenya in their heart has visited our court ,prison,manx times,ask your leader unless he/she took sides of da oppresser!

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