“It Is You Who Shall Lead This Nation”

I’ll keep this brief.

Earlier this week, we lost Mr. John Michuki. I never knew him; but I definitely knew of him. I had heard great things of him through his family and relatively harsh ones through those he crossed. Verily, he had done a great number of great things for the nation but was also credited with some relatively dark executive decisions. But out of respect for the man, I opt to not sully his reputation after his demise. He has done more for the country than most people I know, and for nothing else, some degree of respect is due. He was a ruthless manager in an unruly time who earned the love and respect from millions.

The nation was still mourning for him, when very early today morning, Njenga Karume passed away.

Now, Mr. Karume, I had the honor of knowing. Aside from the stories and the books; the legend of the self-made billionaire that went from nothing to something was more than enough to garner reverence and adulation. But more than that, he was a man of his word and a man of honor. He believed in hard-work and believed in the youth. One of the last things he said to my business partners and I when we last sat in the same room was “It is you who shall lead this nation.” He was referring to us, the youth, the online generation. He believed that we could – and would – change the face of the country and he stood behind his words by supporting our business aspirations in kind, advice, and action.

I was woken up by the call that he had passed away and during the short conversation on the matter something I had heard rumor of came to surface. My uncle once said that Karume had a family of a million. Not because he had a million children, but because he supported a million people; putting them through school, giving them jobs, sponsoring their dreams. It turns out this was true as I read email after email of how he had touched people’s lives. What was more impressive is that he did so humbly and without prejudice.

And for that, I think we should honor his name by not disappointing his dream for our success.

Rest in peace to any and all the great Kenyans that have passed on and strength to the friends and family they leave behind.

9 thoughts on ““It Is You Who Shall Lead This Nation”

  1. I have also heard of Karume stories but I thought it was just people trying to praise him. Either way,Kenya has lost a great entrepreneur in Karume. RIP Karume and Michuki.

    • Far from it. Dude gave us audience when no one else would and even followed up on our progress. I salute him, all four fingers to the hairline pushing forward.

  2. The hypocrisy! I can’t believe the praise these people are getting all over. I think they did more harm than good for the country.
    Rumour has it the Michuki made the executive decisions on behalf of Kibaki during the disputed election results aftermath. And also that Njenga Karume is adversely mentioned in post election violence.

    • If you notice I stayed off the Michuki story. Besides paying respect for the dead and such. That said, there’s nothing I’ve said about Karume now that I wouldn’t have said when he was still here. That man there has done great things and positively impacted mine and a lot of other lives. I don’t see how that’s hypocrisy.

      Hypocrisy is throwing stones now after shutting up for years.

  3. Your post don’t surprise me especially after that very stupid post you did sometime back and talked ill of all except the Kikuyu leaders who have killed more than developed

    • OK, I’ll entertain this.

      How is paying departing respects by sharing a story of someone who tried to inspire the youth a tribal thing, now?

      And at what point did I “talk ill of all except the Kikuyu leaders”? Ask around, quite a few of those ‘Kikuyu leaders’ hate this blog for what we say about them.

      The problem is not me here, it’s you. Whatever little progress or positivity we try to bring about gets doused in tribalism and finger pointing and negativity. With due respect, nobody is forcing you to read or be open minded, so since you’re already not doing one, stop doing the other.

      Have a good weekend.

  4. Mr. Michuki was a great personal friend of Mr. Kibaki and did what all friends do for each other when things are going pear-shaped, he advised his friend. Mr. Michuki had no authority to enforce any so called executive decisions and his advice was crucial to the peace that prevails now in Kenya, show him some respect. De mortuis nihil nisi bonum.

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