Racism, Croissants & Other ArtCaffe Delicacies

When historians go through the logs and archives of Kenyans’ complaints on the internet, they will undoubtedly stumble upon the neo-nazi institution that is ArtCaffe; responsible for wielding their racism to cause many a tear to trickle down dark skin.


Most recently, the owner of the restaurant allegedly had a guy arrested for ordering more croissants than his racial stature was entitled to.


Whether or not you believe this, many people have accepted it as truth that a man got arrested for being too dark to order a baker’s dozen of croissants in spite ArtCaffe apologizing about the whole thing and then immediately turning around and acting like it never happened. I really want to believe ArtCaffe’s apology but….


If I’m honest, I fully understand where that guy was coming from. Their croissants are bloody delicious. I’d eat a truckload too if I had disposable income and a cure for diabetes. But if I’m really honest, I’m also not surprised. And neither are you. We’ve seen dozens of complaints about racism from ArtCaffe, heard many a person of all races point out their prejudice. Some of us even have our own stories.

I went there for a meeting one morning. My business partners and I are all negroes, naturally. We were also all hungry and as eager to meet and make money as we were to throw money into the kitchen and watch it come out in the form of delicious pastries and richly flavoured coffees. Alas, the latter never happened. We had our meeting and watched 2 waiters and the manager tend to a white couple sitting on a table near us. We all agreed it was not worth the argument or the drama and once we finished our meeting, we took our empty bellies and full wallets elsewhere to change their states. On the way out, I hollad at one of the waiters, reached into my pocket, pulled out the three dirtiest notes I could find (and I mean dirty to the point of being almost sticky) and gave them to him as a tip. Why? Because I believe in paying for meeting space. Also because f*ck that guy, I’ve got money!


No, but seriously, it was a simple statement. If money is all they want, they can keep it. If they really care about its color, then they might as well toss those notes in the bin. Either way, it doesn’t affect my life. I’ve come too far from having nothing to be treated like I’m still that broke. And they aren’t the only people that can make breakfast; their competitors are normally right around the corner and they like my nigger money.

Further, if ArtCaffe really cared what our dark asses had to say about their service, they’d have done something about it.

Not said something. DONE something.

Like, I don’t know, actually acted upon the first dozen complaints. Or maybe NOT arrested a guy for wanting to eat a few croissants. My stand, even after that shoddy apology, is as follows. They don’t give a shit about you and can’t be bothered to give two squirts of piss about your thoughts or feelings. If you want to do something about it, return the favor. Next time you’re thinking about going there, don’t.It’s just that simple.


Because engaging in protest or violence is pointless. All it will do is get the manager’s dick hard at the thought of how quickly he can call the police on your black asses. Not going there on the other hand may affect his bottom line. It probably won’t because there are enough people who aren’t prejudiced against and who have had good experiences who’ll keep going there.

The thing is, you have to choose your battles wisely and know where to draw the line. If your issue is racism, you should probably stop watching Italian Football, Disney productions and never listen to Eminem among many other things as well. But if your issue is ArtCaffe being a prejudicial business, then put them out of business without wasting your time or money.

All this other back and forth is slactivism at its worst. Wanna do something productive? Support your local bakery; their croissants are baked with the same flour and cost half as much. Use the money you saved to buy a few loaves of bread for starving kids. Do something for people who will appreciate you for it….

…and live happily ever after.

12 thoughts on “Racism, Croissants & Other ArtCaffe Delicacies

  1. And u really meant it about writing about stuff that matters… As broke as i am, i may choose to vist that cafe just for the heck of it! whats the worst that could happen? My black bum getting kicked out? Ok DARE!

  2. As much as we are shouting “racism” we are forgetting something. The waiters are not non-negroes are they? Art Caffe sufferes a glaring “customer service” problem if even the tripadvisors.com reviews are anything to go by which single out their Village Market and Westgate outlets as the most brazenly lacking in this element.

    There other ways to confront this. Take your grievances where they will hurt- all the eating reviews that you know could do with advising their audience on where not to go- like here. Enforce your rights every time a waiter is being a puntz to you, ask to see the manager and display your phone at the ready.. so they know you are prepared to put them on global blast.

    Whatever is happening at Art Caffe is happening in so many places, Mombasa eateries included – but lets not lose our heads in this day and age of tech advancements. Next time your food has been bitten into, twitpic! When you have a rude conversation like in this incident- record it. When its obvious there too many waiters milling around and not enough service- stream it, and as the writer suggested – if they wont serve, then don’t spend!

  3. This is GREAT! The message is home. The mainstream media is carrying a story in which some managers there claim the aggrieved customer was just seeking cheap publicity. Only to betray themselves when the own that the customer and the assailant later reconciled and shook hands. Pathetic!

  4. Oh my it is still happening? I was there sometimes last year and I witnessed a black old man who was having his meal while perusing through a paper told to stand for some four white or so white people. I was mad to say the least, ofcourse I asked why they told him to stand, he was also not amused. He left in protest, I could not keep quiet I even asked the manager or was it a supervisor why that had to happen in our own country, first of all as Africans we respect our elders, second this gentleman looked in my opinion somebody who frequents there and now they did that to him for the sake of some people who might be there for just one day!!! Are the waiters there forced to do that or what by management?. Be rest assured that was my last visit there. We should treat people equally, nobody gives has a special pass when we are out there, I don’t understand why we allow this to happen in Kenya.

  5. I currently reside in the Republic of Ireland where racism is rife against the blacks, can’t believe this type of crap is happening in my own country !

  6. This makes no sense.

    “We were also all hungry and as eager to meet and make money as we were to throw money into the kitchen and watch it come out in the form of delicious pastries and richly flavoured coffees. Alas, the latter never happened. We had our meeting and watched 2 waiters and the manager tend to a white couple sitting on a table near us … once we finished eating, we took our empty bellies and full wallets elsewhere to change their states.”

    • Good point, that’s meant to say “finished our meeting”. Freudian slip. I was hungry while I typed this. Good to see some people actually read through this. 😉

  7. it pains me to the core when black people are treated like this in their own motherland. im from zambia and racism is very rare but when it does happen and they are reported to the police…they are done for beacause the police dont tolerate such nonsence.

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