Teacher, Teacher: A Simple Lesson For Us All


I wrote about the Teachers’ Striking before. I suggested that yes, they were right to demand higher pays but they were going about it wrong. A few months later, Nittzsah pointed out that these teachers tend to be quite disappointing in letting their greed come before their cause. And the more they started to look lazy, inconsiderate and irresponsible, the less they seemed to care.

deal with it

Now they’re striking about allowances and blah blah blah blah blah. Listen! I think we’ve all had enough.

We can all agree that teachers (and doctors) should be paid enough that money isn’t an issue constantly being discussed. We can also all agree that we can afford to pay that much because 1. we have the money and 2. And this is just a theory…a secret…a rumor even…*whispers* teachers teach children. And we care about children. 3. We all know what education means, right? It means better jobs, more empowered people and basically more money for the government to steal. And maybe that may not be seen in the short-term, but since the government is a family owned business, they should look at this as an investment in the future. Or maybe, just maybe, they actually give a shit about their country which will benefit immensely from having more educated souls around.

In short, everybody wins if teachers convince the government to pay out.


What shocks me is that since the early 90s, nobody in the government has come to this conclusion. Definitely nobody in the teachers’ unions. Because I feel like a year of planning would have saved us 15 years of striking. If teachers want to orchestrate a strike that will really cripple the government painfully, stop torturing kids. Get some legal advice and political strategy and start knocking people out of the government. That’s one of the few good things about the new constitution. You have the numbers. Lawyers would jump at the opportunity to be part of that onslaught. And once one or two key people end up on TV looking crazy, the people that sign your cheques start listening. But what you’re doing right now….I don’t even know man.


I mean, the age old adage about doing the same thing over and over not being a sign of stupidity but of madness leads me to 3 conclusions.

1. The government needs to pay teachers enough because…

2. …we need better teachers. The current lot seem to have lost the plot. This would help because…

3. …the people in government were educated by that faulty system. Ergo, their retardation.

We, the people, would not be mad if Kenya went over budget because the government was overspending on making our education system competent, let alone competitive. And that’s not by doing stupid shit like giving kids who can’t afford shoes to go to school, laptops. That’s just stupid, Mr. President.

I went to my old primary school the other day. One of my old teachers (she’s been there 25+ years) told me that the amount of money it would cost to give every kid a laptop would be enough to build and furnish enough classrooms for all the students that had to sit outside the class because there weren’t enough chairs or desks. And that there’d still be enough money left over to double their salaries.

Holy crap! Did that just make sense?


Of course it did. Because the truth of this matter is that it’s really not that complicated. The money can be paid. The people in government just can’t give half a shit about public schools because their kids go to private schools. Money isn’t the issue. Greed is.

By both concerned parties.

And that is all.

6 thoughts on “Teacher, Teacher: A Simple Lesson For Us All

  1. On a lighter note, can teachers please proofread their placards before going on the streets this week. Get your math right this time teachers. That placard up there is embarrassing.

  2. And now, that Labour CabSec has trashed the 1997 agreement……teachers will just get more infuriated… Watching to see who between GoK and Teachers will blink first. Brace yourselves.

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