“You Still Listen To Hip-Hop?”

Someone said that to me as we stood in the kitchen of an expansive crib somewhere on the outskirts of the city. He seemed shocked and almost saddened and disappointed at the same time. This happened during a get together of friends from High-School, now University graduates and employed or still job-seeking.

The remark was in response to my response to Zuqka’s little tirade the other day. I refused to be ashamed of this. In fact, I rambled for a while and then stopped as soon as I realized they wouldn’t understand. My good friend capped the conversation off by saying:

“As we’ve grown our musical tastes have changed.”

Yes. Agreed. Fully agreed. But let’s explore that change, shall we? Continue reading

God MC, Me, Jay Hova

Deep breath.

Ah…the power of a pen. One must wield it wisely. After all it is mightier than the sword, according to many a sage.

Which is why most would hesitate to put out a 2 page report based on conspiracy theorist websites and what seems to be a steady supply of cheap hallucinogens. But most of us don’t write for the Daily Nation. Speaking of DN, they had a blurb on last Friday’s installment that boldly stated:

“The line between blasphemy and Art: Rap Icon Jay-Z has his opinion about religion, but then why does he call himself J-Hova?”-Zuqka

First I giggled sarcastically and told Mr. NV that this was obviously a “cover all the bases” blanket statement meant solely to draw readers in. Surely they had to have some sensible article behind this.

It would’ve been nice if they did, but it would also be nice if people didn’t starve, Mosques didn’t get tear gassed and trade centers an embassies didn’t get blown up. What would also be nice, but on a smaller scale is if journalists had the time(or good sense) to research before writing. These were the thoughts running through my mind as I read Njeri’s article on Jay-z, the cult member and self-proclaimed God. I thought about staying quiet, but alas, I love Hip-Hop about as much as I hate bullsh*t so I figured why not kill two birds with a lot of words.

Let’s ignore the fact that we are talking about an entertainer who belongs to a genre based on fictitious hyperbolic fantasies and jump to the “real” issue. Let’s talk about “blasphemy in Hip-Hop”, shall we?
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