‘Nairobi Half Life’ Review: “It’s A Choice To Look or To Look Away…”

Everywhere you look, everyone is saying that Nairobi Half Life is brilliant.
Secretly, I wanted to be the first to pop that bubble.

While I am a huge fan of the arts I have always struggled to fully embrace and love our own. We are not lacking in artists; but they can’t afford to take anymore risks than they already have. We as the audience tend not to consume local art. We shun our own musicians, yet if anyone with a different passport grabs a microphone, tickets will sell out. Same can be said of pretty much every other industry that relies on art; from advertising to cinema. No creative wants to share his creation with an audience that won’t appreciate it or invest in it. Few dare to make that honest gamble, to risk being artistically inventive, invest all time and money into doing something that may go over people’s heads. And even if it doesn’t go over their heads, will they appreciate your labor of love? And even if they like it, will they pay for it?

Who really dares to be a dreamer in Nairobi in 2012? Most of our local artists wouldn’t risk it.

That cannot be said of the cast and crew of Nairobi Half Life.

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