50 Years Angrier: On Celebrations, Riots & Revolution

Look at our country.

kenya at 50 celebrations

All 50 years of its freedom have amounted to everything you see around you today. All the freedoms that we enjoy, all the development that we witness and all the suffering that remains.

Last week, the the Creative Director at my place of work drafted a fairly sober email for one of our clients to send out on independence day. It talked of the “battles we won and the blood we’ve shed”. I had to tell him to rewrite it as it was too dark. Because if truth be told, we have tons of reasons to celebrate.

But while we’re being honest, it’s hard to remember those reasons when everyday, we are blinded by archaic injustices.

Yesterday, I happened to be a stonesthrow away from where the University riots began when they began. I read online about how the students were infuriated because one of their own supposedly committed suicide while in police custody for cheating on an exam. Students I spoke to seem to think “suicide” is a cover up. It’s not clear and I’m not here to take sides.

What is clear is that students rioted last night. And in response to the riots, police escalated from teargas and crowd control to live rounds and murder. Continue reading

Why I Hate Ethiopian Airlines


The other day I was flying around Africa and I was pretty pissed off to begin with.

I was angry because I’d gotten arrested in Douala(but that’s a story for another day) and when I was finally leaving Douala, it was raining. Apparently, the guys who designed the airport there didn’t think that they needed to worry about weather because the long walkways to the terminals have no windows. I’m sure someone must have told the architect “Dude, what if it rains? No windows means the place will flood!” And he just looked back at the guy and said…


Anyhow, after wading through about 4 inches of water on a slippery stone floor, sliding like a retard on skates, Continue reading

Teacher, Teacher: A Simple Lesson For Us All


I wrote about the Teachers’ Striking before. I suggested that yes, they were right to demand higher pays but they were going about it wrong. A few months later, Nittzsah pointed out that these teachers tend to be quite disappointing in letting their greed come before their cause. Continue reading

Racism, Croissants & Other ArtCaffe Delicacies

When historians go through the logs and archives of Kenyans’ complaints on the internet, they will undoubtedly stumble upon the neo-nazi institution that is ArtCaffe; responsible for wielding their racism to cause many a tear to trickle down dark skin.


Most recently, the owner of the restaurant allegedly had a guy arrested for ordering more croissants than his racial stature was entitled to. Continue reading

Kenya Won

kenyan voting

After many hours spent in queues trying to vote, clenching cheeks in unison, and shaking fists at the IEBC, Kenyans finally got a new president. The opposition did not accept this result. Kenyans however, did, as some celebrated, some waited for the court hearings and the rest were just happy to be back at work. We did what we did peacefully and force fed foreign journalists naysayers their own feet.

I’m in that group that’s just happy to be at work because I believe the true victor was not a person.

It was the people. Continue reading