Freebie Friday: “Win A Ticket To #NairobiHalfLife”

All right, let’s keep this simple. Watch this trailer.

For those of you without the YouTubes, that is the trailer for “Nairobi Half Life“, a new local film premiering tonight. It is nothing short of brilliant and is drowning in the accolades and favor of critics everywhere.

It will be showing at Westgate Mall everyday at 3:20 and 7:30 PM and we want to give you a ticket. How?

1. Go to our Facebook page like this comment

2. or tweet the following:
“I’m going to watch #NairobiHalfLife. @NHL_Movie @diasporadical”

While you’re at it, follow @NHL_Movie and like the Nairobi Half Life page on Facebook.

We’ll pick one random winner from Facebook and one from Twitter to go for tomorrow’s 3:20pm show. Winner’s will be picked at 5:30pm today.

Support local artists.

Update: Soundtrack available here.