Until further notice Diasporadical (and all its content, regardless of duration) is property of the creators of Diasporadical. It does not reflect the opinions of our friends, families, employers – past or present. It is merely a blog. Furthermore, as a blog, it is ridden with fraughtful mistakes and inaccuracies. If you spot any, let us know. For example, ‘fraughtful’ is not a word. But that’s OK, because in addition to owning this blog, we also own the creative license to play around with facts just to make it sound cool. Why? Because this is a blog and strictly for edutainment, purposes. Unfortunately for you university students looking to quote us on your final exam, this creative license means we are not a credible academic source. But that’s OK. Because we’re pretty cool people, and since most of us have at least one degree, we can help you out with preparing for that exam.

Oh, and on another note. We like pictures. So if we use your picture, we’ll generally link it from the source. If we do not, however, and you would like it taken down, shoot us a line at diasporadical [at] gmail [dot] com. We’ll be more than glad too. The same email can be used for fan mail, donations, funny pictures, writer applications, and complaints. All are delightfully accepted. Except the latter. And now, here’s the formal, legal disclaimer…..

The content of this website/blog (no matter how temporary) does not reflect the opinion of our family, friends, employers past, or employers present. It does contain personal opinions and views, and may not be desirable to those not sharing our positions on addressed subjects. We reserve the right to approve or reject comments posted here. We are not liable for hosting related issues and are not in any way or fashion endorsed by any company or organization.

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