#Rapho4Prezzo: “Redefining Raphael Tuju’s Candidacy”

Dear Raphael,

I saw your video and may I say, I was moved. If I was going to vote, I’d seriously consider voting for you. My pen would hover above the box next to your name for at least a few seconds as a smile smeared on my face.

But I do not think the nib would touch paper. Why, you ask? I don’t think you went quite far enough. You see, if you’re going to do a gimmick, you REALLY need to push the envelope. Yes, using Sheng is a good start, but you need a follow up. This was a love tap, let’s get a Haymaker and an uppercut. Let me show you how. Continue reading

Who Am I Voting For in 2012?

Vote For Nobody Graffiti

Someone asked me the above question and I told them ‘Nobody’.

They laughed.

I didn’t.

I don’t expect much of the government. I expect even less from the president as an individual. As far as I’m concerned, the majority of politicians seeking office aren’t competent enough to operate a smartphone, so why trust them with a country in the 22nd century? Continue reading

Fearing What’s Next: Kenyatta, Marende and Parliament

I am writing to you from a country where generations have grown up fearing the government. A country that has never been free.
In the past, there were several particularly oppressive periods, among them the colonial era during the Mau Mau times then later during the last years of Kenyatta’s regime and ofcourse the Moi era. Granted, during the latter era, Kenyans were griped by a palpable fear of secret police, disappearances, detentions, dungeons, Nyayo torture chambers, persecution of individuals and their family and so forth. This type of fear, I am happy to report, has been largely neutralized by the current regime of President Kibaki.

However, the fear that currently grips citizens of this country is the fear that the government continues to do stupid things and endangers the two public goods most valued by the citizenry: law and order, and the improvement of the economy that benefits all.
Continue reading