That Ain’t Yo Man, Woman!


Every few months I come across this exact scenario.

A gorgeous, brilliant, awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping woman will walk her weepy self into a group of “close friends” and share her woes. It’s always something to do with this man she perceives as perfect. Being the skeptic I am, it usually takes me all of 23 seconds to immediately realize this guy is scum. Anyhow, she goes on dreaming about said perfect person until she gets to this line:

“…but he’s in a relationship.”

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The Reasons Why He Left You

(c) IMustBeDead on DeviantART

Kellie once called me a “relationship blogger“. Behind closed doors, I vehemently denied this because I strongly believe that I can not and will never understand women enough to understand relationships. I’m still trying to figure out men – and I’m one of them so that should tell you something.

So it was that about a week ago, I was speaking to my close consigliere as she pondered a question I had heard one too many times escape the lips of an innocent woman.

“Why did he leave me?”

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