#KenyaAtWar: Terror, Fear, and the Beginning of the End

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People are talking about the 2013 Elections with a quiver in their voices. It’s hard to pretend you haven’t considered that violence could erupt, like it did last time.

I was fortunate enough not to be around during Post-Election Violence in 2007.

I was somewhere in Obamaland pursuing that elusive piece of paper they call a Degree. Also, making wasting money.

At the time, it wasn’t Obamaland yet.
It was still Bush America. Worse still, post 9/11 Bush America where Muslims and immigrants were blamed for every problem in the US. Continue reading

#KenyaAtWar: “Have We Already Lost?”

On my way to work this morning, I glanced at the paper and two stories caught my attention. One was about Paul Muite suing someone on Facebook, which I thought was hilarious. I don’t remember the details, but Muite was demanding an apology from someone who claimed he coached ICC witnesses. According to the story, if the apology doesn’t come in 7 days, things will go to court. I found the whole thing hilarious and wondered why I hadn’t seen it on Twitter. Apparently, the story did break online. Last week.

The second story that moved me was the one about the war. Yes, in case you haven’t heard, we’re allegedly at war with Somalia.

I didn’t want to write this piece, because it’s a weighty issue, and I don’t like approaching weighty issues with a lack of knowledge. I don’t have all the statistics about the number of troops, the reason behind the war, the ideology at work and all that. But as I trawled my timeline, I felt everyone was missing the point. Continue reading

Was The Bus Bombing Avoidable?

Last night, as passengers boarded a Kampala bound bus, an explosion prematurely aborted their trip. Newspaper titles everywhere now read: “Two Dead, 41 Injured”.

One of those that died was one of the people carrying the explosives onto the bus. As the story goes, three men tried to sneak-force their way onto the bus with a box. They refused to be submitted to a security check. One thing led to another(i.e. details differ at this point) but the bomb went off before everybody had boarded. The 30 or so who were already on the bus were unharmed. The others, not so much. Among that crowd was a friend of DR and fellow Kenyan blogger, Kellie. Prayers for a speedy recovery go out to her and everybody else. One of the bombers perished instantly, one was injured, the other fled the scene almost instantly.

The reasons for the bombings are vague and yet still quite simple. Supposedly, Uganda is being targeted because they provided military support to the AU Somali peacekeeping crew, AMISON. Al-Shabaab has sworn revenge for this and since bombed Uganda several times.

Now, what really bothered me about this whole story is Continue reading

Who Are We to Call Terrorists “Cowards”?

We were all shocked, saddened and even angered by the recent news of a militant Islamic group based in Somalia killing 74 people in Uganda and injuring many more. Stripped bare, these are criminal acts punishable both under Uganda’s domestic laws as well as under international law, committed against unarmed civilians of a sovereign state.
But let us not sheepishly follow those who insist on condemning these acts of terror as “cowardly”. Continue reading