Mad Professors & Higher Education

Mad Professors
I was walking down University Way when I saw a familiar face. A guy I had been schooling with back in High School, dressed like a security guard marching towards me. Then he randomly stopped and stared up into the air with intent. Were I not sure there was nothing in the air, I would’ve stared too. Soon, he was having a fight with an imaginary flying serpent, swinging his security guard fimbo in the air recklessly. It wasn’t long before he stumbled onto the road and began running to the other side of the highway, looking over his shoulder every few seconds. He was oblivious to traffic and to his general surroundings. To say he looked out of his mind would be mild. He looked like he and his mind had parted ways a long time ago and this new thing in his head belonged to a mouse on LSD. I watched him scream at vehicles and jump up and down as I reminisced on how academically sturdy this guy used to be. I remember him going to University and hearing he was doing well. How he got to this point, I don’t know.

Well, I have my suspicion. I think school made him go slightly bonkers. And if you’ve been watching the news lately, you know why I’m saying this. Continue reading