Daily Dozen: 07/12

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The Police vs. The People Part 3: “Detention”

For those who missed it, here are Part 1: “Operation” & Part 2: “Inspection”. This particular narrative is a continuation For those who’ve been keepin up, thank you and I promise it’s almost over.

So I got done sulking around the same time matatus resumed their routes. Ironically, however, I had managed to get myself alternate transportation at this point. My consigliere and her man had a car and were heading in my general direction, so I ungraciously hitchhiked.

As we neared my destination, my mind was afloat; I reminisced about previous encounters with law enforcement and drowned in a pool of self-pity. Police hate me. This is a conspiracy. Blah Blah….I barely remember getting out of the car. Once I did however, I remember my phone buzzing. I reached into my pocket and saw my cab driver’s name marqueeing across the screen.

A few minutes later, I was helping him push his vehicle to it’s normal resting place as it had run out of fuel after his own, more hectic, encounter with Johnny Law earlier that day. Continue reading