“How Not to Not Pay Taxes” – Why Kenyan MPs May Have Brain Damage

I generally do not follow politics. Why, you ask? Because I decided when I was about 11 years old that if I wanted to see the bad guy win all the time, I’d watch reruns of ‘The Usual Suspects‘. Kenyan Politics is painful and boring; the same idiots committing the same crimes against the same people – us – and always getting away with it.

Although I have been somewhat following this MP taxation issue. Not so much because I wanted to see MPs get taxed, I just wanted to see how they’d avoid paying taxes. And boy has it been hilarious retarded.

The new Constitution – which we promulgated and slaughtered goats over in August 2010 – categorically states that no Kenyan MP shall be exempt from paying taxes. It further states that Parliament can not put into place laws or mechanisms that facilitate this tax evasion. I didn’t understand most of the constitution, but that part was pretty black and white.

But here we are almost a year later and our MPs still don’t pay taxes. Why? Continue reading