Lest We Forget and Keep Forgetting

This will be short.

Yesterday, media houses had a field day with the Nancy Baraza story. This quote from The Standard stood out to me.

Declared a liar, a woman whose outlandish actions and runaway rage brought the Judiciary into disrepute and social rogue who brandished gun at an unarmed guard, Deputy Chief Justice Nancy Baraza’s fate appears sealed.

Social media went amok as well.

And if it wasn’t that, it was the olympic coverage. That Kemboi can sure dance his ass off.

This was what we talked about all day.

In the evening I had a passionate debate with some folks. We all agreed that the culture in Kenya needs to change. The youth need to be better educated. They need to be motivated. They need to be more involved in decision-making capabilities. We agreed on these ideas.

Our point of contention was that I believed that in addition to all the above, someone needed to die. Continue reading