Mistresses, (Kenyan) Presidents and Birth Certificates

In politics, the higher you rise, the more every little thing that is said or rumoured about you, becomes an national issue. Bearing in mind that as a political figure, your life is no longer your own and that every single personal detail is no longer personal or private and becomes a matter of national interest. Therefore whenever an issue arises, it is your duty not only to respond but more so to officially set the record straight which in certain circumstances may require furnishing proof. This leads us to the green document pictured above: Barack Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth.

He’s not Kenyan. He’s not an alien. Case closed.

In fact I’m surprised he waited this long to produce a document that’s been in his possession all this time. Then again, he probably thought that Americans, especially conservative Republicans like Trump would rise above petty politics and focus on the grave challenges facing the US. I guess he was wrong. Ofcourse he was wrong! 2012 is election year in the US so the mud-slinging and vigorous campaigning has only just begun.

There was something amusing about seeing a visibly frustrated but restrained Obama hold a press conference to announce the release of his original birth certificate, to prove that he is eligible to hold his office even as he eyes re-election a year or so from now. But in all fairness, he did what any other president would have done in his position. If anything, Obama’s press conference yesterday is reminiscent of another infamous press conference by his (Kenyan) counterpart, Mwai Kibaki.

Some years back, President Kibaki appeared on National tv to proclaim that he only had one wife: Lucy Kibaki in order to quell growing talk that he had another “wife” and another “family” elsewhere. This is what presidents have to do when the public exercise their all-encompassing “right to know” and presidents have no choice but to address all issues deemed “matters of national interest”. Kibaki had to formally distance himself from his other “wife” and “family” so as to convince the country that he was firmly committed to his Christian values and that he does not endorse polygamy.

While we’re on the subject, I hope Martha Karua is taking note of what it would means for her if she were to be elected President. No subject is off-limits, no matter is too private, no issue is too personal and once we elect you, we are entitled to full access to all information pertaining to your life, your family and your household. Yes, we “own” you.

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