The SoapBox: “Police, Turf Wars and Riots”

This week’s edition of The SoapBox is brought to you by Kevlar Vests. Because many times being innocent doesn’t mean police will leave you alone. Protect yourself.

Onto today’s topics.

For those who missed it, Administrative Police in Kawangware shot, slayed, executed 7 taxi drivers last Wednesday. The story behind it is that there was a dispute between boda boda and the Taxi Drivers. This resulted in the feud being reported to Police who showed up guns ablazing on “suspected gangsters”, the Taxi Drivers, and the next few days were mayhem in Kawangware.


Less than a month ago, I pointed out how carelessly reckless law enforcement were with their firearms. Given a reason to shoot one thing and they’ll find a reason to shoot 2; Officers have become very philanthropic with their ammunition, giving back to the public whenever they can. Continue reading