R.I.P. Osama Bin Laden – “Justice Has Been Done”

This morning, a jubilant chorus of relieved sighs and ‘Hell yeah! America rocks!’ must be sweeping across Obamaland.

Last night, Osama was finally sent to his grave. That’s right, the Obama boys over in Pakistan bombed Osama and his boys and, this time, they didn’t miss.

While we could go on and on about the conspiracy behind previously debated facts and speculate on whether or not the man cum symbol really died yesternight, I think what’s most important to note is that the U.S. government that created this mythological terror has acknowledged his demise. Strangely, I feel this will change little or nothing in our furiously polarized psyches.

My bet is that Muslims will still get the backhanded treatment they’ve been getting. Arab nations will still feel the pressure of the heel of American army boots on their necks. Terrorism will still be a tool used to control the masses. And perhaps the saddest outcome of all this – or lack thereof, really – is that the facts will still not matter. People will still go about their lives presumptively prejudiced and programmed when all the answers are a Google search away.

Anyway, Osama did commit a lot of heinous atrocities and was a symbol of all things negative. Obama is not wrong in stating that ‘Justice has been done.

The world however better brace itself for a rocky aftermath and not begin to think sh*t just got better. Alas, there is a shockwave of potential retaliations and so many other things to be scared about so don’t come out of your basement bunker rejoicing just yet.

“There’s a war goin’ on outside no man is safe from.” – Albert Johnson