When The Elderly Need A Spanking

Old woman fight

The Nation TV News Broadcast on Saturday night began with a scene of old ladies getting teargassed during a peaceful protest in Riuru. There was a lot of talk of “shame” and “horror” as though the act of opposing old women on a warpath was condemnable by death.

Oh no, don’t get me wrong. I don’t think anyone should go around kicking vintage asses just to make a point. Especially this particular group that appeared to be so entirely innocent. I do however sometimes question just how innocent the elderly are. You see, my greatest concern is that they have immunity – Carte Blanche, even – by to do whatever they want without repercussion, virtue of their age. And I think they know this…

Case in point, last week I found out that Devil does not wear Prada; unless Prada was the name of the dead animal this particular bag of bones was wearing. Continue reading

Boondocks Season 3: “The Truth Is Back”

We interrupt your regular scheduled programming to bring you this life-changing announcement. The 3rd and final season of Boondocks, that afro-revolutionary comic strip turned urban anime hit TV show, is finally upon us. Now, if you are not familiar with it, I respectfully ask that you close your eyes and plug your ears while the rest of us jump around and shriek like a bunch of giddy, pre-teen girls as we watch the trailer.

I don’t own a TV. Don’t care to. Most of the sh*t on there is…just that: sh*t. So I save myself the stress of watching backwashed, eurocentric, myopic, sensationalized, high budget BS, and read a book instead.

Among those books, Aaron McGruder’s Boondocks series. I was an avid reader of the comic strip when I could find em in the papers, so I bought the books first chance I got. And to be honest, when I heard the comic strips were going to become a cartoon I was…skeptical. Boondocks was like Huey’s hair; unkempt and unapologetically Afro. TV censors and mutes, and I could see them putting a leash on Aaron real quick. Gil Scott-Heron wasn’t joking about the Revolution not being televised.

Huey's Back!

But I tuned in for Season one. And it was glorious. Especially after the banned from TV episodes “leaked”. Same story with Season Two. And now, the third and final batch is queued up and ready to entertain and make a bunch of conservatives uncomfortable. Next to The Wire, House, Californication and Dexter (yeah, I know. Weird list.), Boondocks is the only show I bother to follow. So for me, I’m rejoicing. Counting down to May 2nd.

Oh baby.