The Kenya WikiLeaks Cables Are Finally Here!

The wait is over, people. The Kenyan Cables have finally started leaking. Clearly, arresting Assange has done nothing to slow the pace of the good people at WikiLeaks down.

Click here to view the cables as they trickle in. We’ll be sharing highlights/reactions in the comments.

Update: For the eager among you, currently only 1,193 out of about 251,000 cables have leaked. There is more to come.

“WikiLeaks” – Here To Even Out The Playing Field?

Julian Assange
In the past few weeks, WikiLeaks’ relevance has seemingly grown tenfold. It only promises to get more interesting with the coming weeks.

I’m not 100% savvy on the matter, but here’s a very short summary (feel free to chime in in the comments). Continue reading