“An Open Letter to Capital FM”

Editor: The following letter is from @BintiM, a close friend of the blog. It voices an opinion shared by many on the reckless abuse of social media by the Capital in the Morning crew. It’s a good thing she wrote it because she’s a lot nicer than I am; and a lot of the complaints we’ve heard about it were a lot more incendiary. But an issue like this does require a calm voice, lest it get blown out of proportion.


“Dear Capital Fm,

I write this letter to express my strong disapproval and disappointment with one of your Twitter accounts @984inthemorning. Continue reading

Donnell Jones Tickets Up For Grabs!

In case you were unaware, Donnell Jones is going to be performing in Kenya tonight.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I have a surplus of tickets. So…..a few tickets up for grabs at 1,500/- per ticket!

Anybody interested at buying them at a 1000bob discount, holla. Surprise your lady friend, or any RnB enthusiast.

Consider that you would buy 1 advance ticket at 2,500/- and I’m pretty sure they are 3,000 per ticket at the door, if you even find any.

You wont find a better deal.

Holla promptly. Drop a comment, shoot an email to icon@diasporadical.com, do something!

UPDATE: 1 ticket already gone
UPDATE: Both tickets gone.

Dear Desperate Journalists….

If imitation is the best form of flattery, then I guess we’re doing pretty well.

Every few days I stumble across something we wrote, word for word, with somebody else’s name on it. Mostly it’s Facebook notes and chain emails and cutesy adorable nonsense like people using our pictures without credit or something. And that’s kinda alright. I mean, if this were the US, I’d probably sue, but we’re in Kenya. Hakuna Matata and such.

But woe be you media houses who descendeth amongst our ranks and pick off our posts like we are slaves in the fields. I’m normally really calm and cool about this type of thing but your plagiarizing ways are getting out of pocket.

First, I heard about some random posts(plural) showing up in some newspapers and magazines earlier this year Continue reading