Daily Dozen 09/12


Dear Obama, you’re too good for American politics. It’s not so much racism as it is anti-intellectualism [HuffPost]
“Wheels Slowly Coming off The Hague Express” [Kumekucha]
China: Richer, stronger, and now officially smarter than the rest of the world [TIME]
Political impasse or constitutional crisis: Law Society of Kenya’s Options [KenyanJurist]
Wikileaks reveals interesting stuff on Kenyan-Somali relations [KenOpalo]
Woman supposedly ‘raped’ by Assange has CIA ties. Kinky [RawStory]
“An End to Slums” [AfricaOnTheBlog]
“Emancipate Yourself From Mental Slavery” [Wamathai]
“By The Powers vested In Me” [ActurialOutlook]
“TPF4 Trivialities” [Sylkwan]
Even in crime-plagued South Africa, this stood out as a tragedy [BBC]
“Taveta Weddings” [Sheeremix]

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Dear Agnes,

"Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, OH MY GOD!"

Consider this your 1,000,000th fan mail. Yup, you’re my winner!! Actually, you stole my heart. You captured my attention and captivated my mind while Ciku busted you on live national radio. Seriously girl, you did it! Whatever your reasons, you courageously stepped into male territory and did what a man would do and not get the kind of heat coming your way – you cheated and got caught. Continue reading

Daily Dozen: Inaugural Edition

Real quick. As our little DR following grows(Thank you), we’ve decided to grow with you.
The Daily Dozen will be a collection of interesting blogs, articles, observations: basically us justifying our procrastination by collecting 12 random(hopefully relevant) links.

Any suggestions: shoot us a line at diasporadical@gmail.com or @DiaspoRadical. Pamoja.

Do You Spit or Swallow? [Rafiki Kenya]
50 Ways to Find a Lover in Nairobi [Diary of A Gay Kenyan]
Apple Sells 120,000 iPads in One Day [TSS]
3 Cheers For the Placenta Party [Zuqka]
Industrializing a Nation is an Art of War [Kumekucha]
First Lady Blames Police For Protests [Nation]
CIA Documents: How The Cold War Shaped Kenya [Nation]
The ICANN Meeting That Almost Never Was [Standard]
U.S. to Roll Out Major Broadband Policy [Reuters]
A Look Into The Future: Kenyan Sci-Fi [BBC]
Indonesia Hit by a 6.7 Magnitude Earthquake [CNN]
War on Corruption Should Begin With Petty Offenders [Kenyan Psychiatrist]