Daily Dozen- 29/03

Google knows just how you feel

Can Nairobi Become The Next Silicon Valley? [KenyanEntrepreneur]
Pain & Suffering [Like Chapaa]
Kenyan civil society went to sleep [Citizens Blog]
Rogue dealers con Kenyan vehicle buyers [Nation]
Africa Experts Gather at Columbia University. [JamhuriWear]
LaidInKenya Is Here! [Idd Salim]
Wanaume Hufanya [Potash]
Women of A Certain Age [Mashada]
Zuma urges lifting Zimbabwe curbs [AJ]
Senegal’s Dream President [Africa Is A Country]
What can Nigeria expect now? [Reuters]
Erykah Badu’s New Video > Your life. [TSS]

Oh. Erykah. Sigh.

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