Makmende & The New Frontier

Makmende won't be on CNN. CNN will be on Makmende.

They say a lot of truth is said in jest, and Makmende is proof of this fact. Long after the jokes about how the KRA pays him taxes and the fact that we drive on the left because he drives on the right and we were in his way, it is hard to deny that this man has hit phenom status. He is more than just a person, more than a meme, and by far superior to a mere local hero. Makmende is now a movement and a sign of the change of times.

What change, you ask?

The change we earlier alluded to. Except that last time, we were focusing on the negative aspect of this change. The shift towards socialitetis(for those with tribal hinderance, that’s pronounced “So-sho-lyt-it-is”). This is that social syndrome where people become famous for the sake of being famous. For example, Arunga will be more sought after for her notoreity than her ability. And in Makmende’s case, I know quite few people who STILL can’t remember the name of the group or the song behind his stardom. Yet I can’t think of a soul that doesn’t know him.

I also can’t think of a reason why he should be this famous. Continue reading

What Is Jeff Koinange’s Appeal Exactly?

Riddle me that.

Now before you hit me with that lame speech about what a great and illustrious career he’s had, I pray thee, save it for the unaware. I was rooting for him from the 90’s, before CNN, when he had his brief stint at KTN. I cheered him on in Johannesburg, Nigeria and beyond. Finally when he got to the states, I was nothing short of ecstatic. His accomplishments were something to behold. Seeing him cover New Orleans formed tears in my eyes, a lump in my throat and a smile on my face.

But ever since, it’s been downhill.

There was that saga that got him fired from CNN and earned him the title “Kenyan Date Rapist”(or something of the sort) Continue reading