What If There Wasn’t a Scramble for Africa?

The idea behind DR was to be a voice for summer bunnies.

Well, no, not really, but it was based on kids who had been abroad and were now back home.

[Please note that I use the words ‘kids’ and ‘abroad’ loosely, since I’m almost three decades old, and I’ve only been as far as Dar.]

It’s grown into a lot more than that, and many of our guest writers have only travelled in their minds. Sometimes, our readers and observers write a whole lot more than we do, and it’s a really cool thing.

Lately, lots of Kenyans are coming back home. Continue reading

Oprah, Polygamy & Colonialism

Deep breath now. Doesn’t that title make you want to wretch?

I bumped into Oprah two Sundays ago, and saw a clip of these three gorgeous women [not the ones pictured above] saying how they love being married to one man. Two of the wives are twins, and between the three wives, they have 21 and a half children. Wife Number 1 was 7 months pregnant during filming.

I don’t know how old this episode was, but the women weren’t wearing prudish gowns and poofy hair. They were supermodel gorgeous and looked like an ad for hair colours by Revlon.

The wives admitted that they sometimes feel bad about sharing their man, especially when he picks a number for a one-on-one date. But they also have group dates, and their kids get along perfectly. Continue reading