Just Skip Your Bridal Shower

Sometime last year, someone had the regrettable idea of inviting me to a Bridal Shower -my first since a midwife slapped my little brown ass. Of course now it’s grown bigger…, and from the looks of things…, darker .., ok.., mutation story for another day.

But yes, someone was crazy enough to invite me for a bridal shower. I say crazy because even the whole idea of weddings doesn’t in the least appeal to me. However, I was interested to know what happens in this all-girl affair. I knew for a fact there wouldn’t be any booze or, how I hoped, male-strippers hen-night style because the bride-to-be was a recently deflowered, staunch Catholic who lived by the book.

So it was that I set off for said Bridal Shower, not forgetting of course to buy a little gift for the bride-to-be. I get there,  introduce myself, pour a cup of tea with some cookies and settle into the arrangement of seats.

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“Condoms 101” – An Introduction To Safe Sex?


Condoms can't protect a broken heart

The other day I noticed something interesting. I was watching TV with my 7yr old cousin. Now this boy is the most curious and inquisitive little boy that I know. He constantly asks question whenever in doubt and he won’t stop until he gets a satisfactory answer. We’ve had a serious discussion on the difference between sinema and kipindi. He recently made me buy a map of the world so that I can explain to him why he can’t drive to the States! He’s a very interesting boy and it’s always rewarding engaging him as he constantly keeps us on our toes.

So we were watching some show, I forget which and during one of the commercial breaks they brought one of the Trust Condom ads. At first, it didn’t occur to me, but after a while I realized he didn’t ask me what that was. Continue reading

The Pope Is Not Your Sex Therapist

The other day, people all across the world gasped and gawked as Pope Benedict said that it was okay for prostitutes(and really anybody) to use condoms if it helped prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS. Churchgoers screamed ‘Foul!’ Scientists screamed ‘Liar!’ Nymphomaniacs screamed ‘Yeah!’ (c)Lil’ Jon – and I sat there wondering what the fuss was about.

First off, the Pope tracing the path to righteousness for prostitutes is about as pretentious as Continue reading

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