Men, Curb Your Chivalrousness.

Exhibit A: He never got Laura, did he?

In case you were wondering why the modern man struggles so much with chivalry, look no further than the women he finds himself having to deal with. I was speaking with a female friend of mine over an impromptu lunch-date on facebook chat, who had this to say about modern-day chivalry:

“Nowadays, it just feels like I’m being treated like a child. I HATE waiting for men to open doors for me, walking in front of me when we are on stairs, holding umbrellas.. Ughh.. all of it. Simply because I am ALL about efficiency and me waiting for you to open my door holds up the process!”

Unfortunately, the verbal assault and tongue-lashing I ought to have administered to her only came to me much later. I must have been temporarily distracted by the fact that by her own admission, chivalry is still alive and well. Nonetheless, this should have been my response to her statement.

Peep game.
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