When Racism Isn’t Racism. Part II

Sometime last year, Essence Magazine got itself a new fashion director – Ellianna Placas. That, by and of itself, is nothing out of the ordinary. Magazines get new fashion directors all the time, right? Right.

Here’s the thing, though. Ellianna is white.

To say that Essence readers did not take too kindly to the change would be to understate things. Folks were off-en-ded. Kanye-west-refusing-to-let-you-finish-whatever-it-was-you-were-doing offended. Peek-a-boob-at-super-bowl offended. For all the furious commotion it caused, the move to hire Ellianna might as well have been the eighth deadly sin. Had Next Media Animation, the Taiwanese game-changer, added several five-minute animated clips to the mix we might have been well on the way to the establishment of a new epoch. Continue reading

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