Another Beautiful African Bride: 5 Questions About Rwanda

If you were tuned in to CNN yesternight, you must have caught Richard Quest’s piece on CNN entitled “Kigali’s Bold Vision for 2020”. While our citizens are answering to charges of war crimes at Hague and the rest of our government is literally at a stand-still, a part of me paused momentarily to envy Rwanda and just how much the so-called “country of 1,000 hills” has been able to accomplish in just over a decade.
As we all know, yesterday marked the 17th commemoration of the genocide that left close to a million Rwandese dead in 100 days. Just as the whole world watched images of one ethnic community butcher another, we are now bearing witness to one of the most extraordinary economic and social recoveries on the continent and indeed even the world.

But all this doesn’t change the fact that I still have many unanswered questions about Rwanda.

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Move Over Nudity, Violence and Strong Language. Bisexuality Just Stole Your Thunder.

I know only one bisexual East African. Well, by that I really mean that she’s the only bisexual that has come out of the closet. (By the way, is it also called a closet when bisexuals are involved?—or should we just call it a grotto?) As I write this, she’s involved in a meandering confu-mance with some Ugandan dude. Wow. Some people are taking this East African community thing very seriously.

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